Recent 16mm Films from Negativland Lab
Filmmakers in Attendance!

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The Nightingale Cinema, 1084 N. Milwaukee
Thursday, September 29th, 7 pm, $7-10

The Nightingale welcomes Josh Lewis and Simon Liu as they interweave a selection of their 16mm films made by hand at Negativland MPL, an artist-run film lab in New York City, overlapping in their affinity for experimental processing and printing techniques. With Lewis working predominantly in direct chemical manipulation of exposed film surfaces, and Liu utilizing a roaming impressionistic camera paired with multiple passes on a contact printer, the program establishes the centrality of the Film Lab both as an epistemic concept and as a practical mode of production. Each film emerges out of a continual and rapid cycle of exposing, processing, projecting, repeat. As such, the films here are rarely the culmination of a process, but rather worthy points extracted from ongoing lines of investigation.


Program Details:

2011 / 16mm / B&W / Optical Sound / 3:30 min. (Josh Lewis)

2015 / 16mm / Color / Silent / 17 min. (Josh Lewis)

The Marshes
2016 / 16mm / Color / Sound / 11 min. (Simon Liu)

Doubt 3 & 4
2013 / 16mm / Color / Optical Sound / 6 min. (Josh Lewis)

Shuffle Cove
2016 / 16mm / Color / Sound / 8 min. (Simon Liu)

The Past is Past [but there is something now that I regret like I was about to do it]
2015 / 16mm Dual Projection / B&W / Silent / 6 min. (Josh Lewis)

Harbour City
2015 / 16mm Dual Projection / Color + B&W / Sound / 14 min. (Simon Liu)

I Guess It’s Always Been That Way, I Don’t Know Whether That’s Important Or Not.
2016 [Work In Progress] / 16mm Triple Projection / Color / Silent / 10 min. (Simon Liu)

Doubt 8 & 9
2013 / 16mm / Color / Silent / 6 min. (Josh Lewis)

TRT: 90 min.


JOSH LEWIS is an artist and experimental filmmaker working at a fluid intersection between abstraction, documentary, and narrative forms. Coming from a background working in photochemical film processing labs, Lewis’s handmade films explore the boundaries of manual knowledge, bodily struggle, and the persisting enigma of material potential. Lewis has shown work at Anthology Film Archives, Microscope Gallery, Eyebeam, Uniondocs, The Filmmaker’s Co-op NY, and at festivals such as The International Film Festival Rotterdam, Chicago Underground Film Festival, New Orleans Film Festival, Antimatter, Onion City and EDOC: Encuentros del otro cine festival internacional de cine documental. He is a 2015 recipient of a NYFA Film/Video Fellowship. Josh works as a lab technician and is the founder of the artist-run film lab Negativland MPL. joshlewisfilm.com

SIMON LIU lives and works in Brooklyn, New York. Born in Hong Kong and raised in both Hong Kong and Stoke-On-Trent, England, he moved to New York in 2006 and received a degree in Film Production from New York University. His work has been exhibited and distributed at festivals and institutions internationally including the International Film Festival Rotterdam, CROSSROADS, EXiS, Microscope Gallery, Mono No Aware IX, WNDX, FilMadrid, Paris Festival of Different & Experimental Cinemas, the British Film Institute and the Rio De Janeiro Film Festival. negativlandlab.com


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Recent Video Work Made by Powerful Femmes

TIDE_LizCambron 1

The Nightingale Cinema, 1084 N. Milwaukee
Friday, September 30th, 7:00 pm, $7-10

How To Fight Like A Girl is a look inside a playful, political, gorgeous, ugly, queer-minded aesthetic. These artists’ film, video, and new media works call to glitter bomb the pigs, wrangle the bourgeois with pink lasso’s, and drown the misogynists in play-doh spaghetti. Using tropes of theater, puppetry, drag, kitsch, and horror intertwined with fiercely intelligent social, political, and personal observations, these artists are paving out a current and important aesthetic like no other.

//Including works by//

A.J. McClenon
Joey Scher
Kelly Gallagher
Liz Cambron
Molly Hewitt
Zachary Hutchinson


and more to be announced//staytuned


Curated by Emily Eddy



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Scott Fitzpatrick, Clint Enns, Aaron Zeghers

Filmmakers in Attendance!


The Nightingale welcomes experimental / expanded filmmakers Scott Fitzpatrick, Clint Enns and Aaron Zeghers, as they flee the ravaged streets of their fair Winnipeg, in search of a warmer, more exotic climate to present their work. “All Roads Leave Winnipeg” is 7-date film tour featuring expanded cinema performances and single channel films by three of Winnipeg’s most notorious cine-stars, Scott Fitzpatrick, Aaron Zeghers and Clint Enns.

the program//

-Part I – Work by Aaron Zeghers-

Holland, Man.
[2015, 20min, 16mm + Super 8 + Digital + Live Sound]

As two growing years pass, Don Zeghers – farmer from Holland, Manitoba – phases out his multi-generational family farm. With experimental photography on Super 8, 16mm and digital mediums, his son Aaron Zeghers follows this life change. The dissolution of the family farm is seen both intimately but also as a microcosm of the modern industrialized world. Nature is contrasted with industrial might in this sentimental and existential portrait of one’s own family. (This will not be performed in Milwaukee)

Everything Turns…
[2016, 12min, Super8]

From 1 to 12 minutes, ‘Everything Turns…’ is a shorthand study of the mythology of numbers. Scientific tradition is adopted then eschewed for rumours, legends and defunct theories from across the ages. As the days turn to night and the seasons pass, the camera pens a year-long record of space, movement and the passing of time in historic locations around the world. This almanac of anthropomorphic numerology is recorded in-camera onto Super 8 using a myriad of experimental techniques. Just like Richter nearly 100 years ago, we will discover that everything turns, everything revolves and everything feels the deep score of time.

-Part II – Work by Clint Enns-

Lost Images Found: a photo talk

Exploring the art of decontextualizing (and re-contextualizing) lost and discarded media. By creating an archive of found images and working in the milieu of found footage appropriation, the artworks created are an attempt to resurrect abandoned cultural artifacts.


The Everden, 2013, pxl2000, 16:33 (B&W, Stereo)

Conflicted emotions about the city. Fears and anxieties surrounding movement and travel. Fragile dreams become nightmarish realities.

-Part III – Work by Scott Fitzaptrick-

Straight Lines (for RV) [2015, 1 min, 16mm]
Screen Test 1 (self-portrait) [2015, 2.5 min, 16mm]
Immortal Cats #1 [2015, 1 min, 35mm]

Dingbat’s Revenge [2015, 7 min, 16mm]

Can an experimental animator follow contemporary Hollywood logic? New ideas are out of fashion; everything’s a trilogy. Laser-printed onto recycled 16mm film in 2015, Dingbat’s Revenge is a coded, stroboscopic manifesto pitched somewhere between abstraction and representation. “Can you feel that? We’re done here. Move out of the way or I’m gonna run you over.” – Tony Stark.

Second Star [1x16mm, ~20min]

Second Star is a sound performance for moving-image mechanics. Black and white text is laser-printed onto clear 16mm film, assembled into loops and translated into rhythm and tone by an analog projector. Photographic tradition is eschewed in favour of something invested neither in abstraction nor representation, re-imagining the potential for an obsolete technology.


the kids//

AARON ZEGHERS is a Winnipeg-based artist working in film, video and photography. He is often found working with analog mediums, found footage, lo-fi technology, experimental processes and expanded cinema. Zeghers is a founder of the Open City Cinema collective and a programmer for the Winnipeg Underground Film Festival. For the past three years he has also been the Artistic Director of the Gimli Film Festival, and was previously the editor of the now defunct Cineflyer film blog. Zeghers’ films have played at festivals and venues around the world.

CLINT ENNS is a video artist and filmmaker living in Toronto, Ontario. His work primarily deals with moving images created with broken and/or outdated technologies. His work has shown both nationally and internationally at festivals, alternative spaces and microcinemas. He has a Master’s degree in mathematics from the University of Manitoba, and has recently received a Master’s degree in cinema and media from York University where he is currently pursuing a PhD. His writings and interviews have appeared in Leonardo, Millennium Film Journal, Incite! Journal of Experimental Media andSpectacular Optical.

SCOTT FITZPATRICK is a visual artist (Libra) from YWG, whose film and video work has screened at underground festivals and marginalized venues worldwide. He studied film theory and production at the University of Manitoba, and began conducting lo-fi moving image experiments in 2010. Primarily a filmmaker, also invested in photography, re-photography, kaleidoscope and collage. In addition to producing his own work, S.F. presents the work of others in through the Winnipeg Underground Film Festival and Open City Cinema.


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