Featuring Lori Felker & Nicholas O’Brien
Presented by HOMEROOM


October 24th, 2010

Oh Snap! Another YouTube Assembly featuring Lori Felker and Nicholas O’Brien. Felker and O’Brien will be presenting on the topic of DEFAMATION OF CHARACTER, delving into many different layers of parody, slander, and character hacking.

The night will involve many different depictions and reenactments, all piled together to explore how YouTube has effected and influenced the growing unstable nature of self-dom and common character… types. They will weave a dense history that will at once seem familiar but will also unravel as the night goes on. The event aims to leave viewers uncertain where origins and copies begin and end, eventually complicating the otherwise formulaic paradigms of what constitutes authentic portraits of people and their behaviors.

Read it again if you need to, this shit is REAL!

Born and raised in Pennsylvania, Lori studied English Literature and German as an undergraduate, which then led her to study Film Studies in Berlin on a Fulbright (2000). Increasingly interested in combining her love of writing and film history with creativity & handcraft, she eventually took up filmmaking in 2001 by taking some night classes at Pittsburgh Filmmakers. After sliding into the film/media production world and sustaining that for a few years, she up and went to graduate school for Film Video and New Media at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (MFA 2007). She currently lives, makes films/videos, teaches, projects, volunteers for film festivals, and compulsively collaborates in Chicago.

Nicholas O’Brien is interested in different layers of digital experience and the false dichtomy that lies between what is “real” and “virtual.” He relates the relationship between land and architectural space as belonging to the same virtuality that takes place in the process of memory/remembering. These approaches are all exploring different modes of identity through a multi-disciplinary newMedia practice. While maintaining equal interest in history (or hystories) and “amateur” culture (a non-judgmental claim), Nicholas hopes to address some of the mythic expectations and manifestations that happen in contemporary media representations. His work has been included in multiple national and international venues including The Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago, The Xth Biennial in Lyon net art project mybiennialisbetterthanyours.com, Lampo, Tank.tv, and the Centro Multimedia in Mexico City. He currently lives and works in Boulder, Colorado and on the Internet.

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