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Year of the Rat

Sunday, April 27, 2008

“First in the cycle of 12 animal signs, YEAR OF THE RAT is an auspicious occasion for (media viewing) of every sort. It is a (screening) associated with aggression, wealth, charm, and order as well as with death, war, the occult, pestilence, and atrocities. In the Chinese Zodiac, the YEAR OF THE RAT is associated with (the apex of training in the media arts, courtesy of the BFA program at the UIC School of Art and Design).” – Wikipedia, Rat (Zodiac)

From Mr.Polar Bear to glittering gum, Yayoi Kusama to TV reporters with tear-off faces, and hand-drawn tree songs to an abstract treatise on nationalism, the 16 short works in this program are yours, compliments of a new cross-generational generation of media artists. Working across a variety of platforms and techniques, the 8 artists represented here offer nothing less than a long hard look into the face of media-making today. This is YEAR OF THE RAT, and it is Auspicious, indeed.

Sky Piece for Yayoi Kusama No. 1 by Orson Panetti (4:00, DV, 2005)
bubble gum by Rafael Barontini (2:00, video, 2008)
Caprice Rainbow by Joseph Baldwin (4:00, video, 2007)
Port Manteux by Chris Perkowitz-Colvard (5:00, video, 2008)
Limping Twins by Chris Perkowitz-Colvard (5:00, video, 2008)
Fade by Jerry Leu (8:45, video, 2008)
What time is it? by Joseph Baldwin (:19, video, 2008)
Jingo by Mir H. Nourahmadi (4:15, video, 2008)
Means and Ends by Nicholas Sgarioto (6:00, video, 2008)
Through Doors by Rafael Barontini (3:30, video, 2008)
Days End Tree Chant by Christopher Perkowitz-Colvard (3:00, 16mm, 2007)
Mysterioso by Christine Sorich (5:00, video, 2008)
Growth by Nicholas Sgarioto (5:00, video, 2008)
Beverly by Chris Perkowitz-Colvard (4:00, video, 2007)
Sojourn in a Foreign Land by Joseph Baldwin (4:00, video, 2008)
Sky Piece for Yayoi Kusama No. 2 by Orson Panetti (9:00, 16mm, 2007)

Very Special Thanks to Ben Russell for inviting his students to share their work.

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