Works by Joshua Gen Solondz

Still image from LUNA E SANTUR, 2016

Monday, April 30, 2018 at 7 pm, $7-$10

Joshua Gen Solondz in person!

Joshua Gen Solondz is an artist working in moving image, sound, and performance. He’s screened in a variety of festivals including Images, Toronto International Film Festival, International Film Festival Rotterdam, Onion City, Black Maria, Portland International, Milwaukee Underground, CAAMFest, San Diego Asian Film Festival, Chicago Underground, Mar del Plata, FIC Valdivia, Viennale, and New York Film Festival’s Projections. He’s has also shown at venues such as REDCAT, Light Industry, UnionDocs, Harvard Film Archive, MoMA, DINCA, NYU, Red Room, ATA, 3s, and Black Hole Cinematheque.

Solondz has received awards from Black Maria, New Orleans Film Festival, Chicago Underground Film Festival, and Ann Arbor Film Festival as well as commissions for shows at Heliopolis, ACRE TV, and microscope gallery. He has an ongoing collaboration with Jim Supanick as the electronic slime duo known as SynthHumpers.

Josh studied at Bard College and received his MFA from the California Institute of the Arts. He lives in Brooklyn, NY with his partner and occasional collaborator Emma Brenner-Malin.

Program Notes:

Against Landscape, 2013, 4 min

Perfect Fantasy, 2014, 2 min

It’s not a prison if you never try the door, 2013, 7 min

KERATIN RESERVE, 2009, 3 min

Lapse, 2014, 1 min

BURNING STAR, 2011, 4 min

PRISONER’S CINEMA, 2012, 10 min

LUNA E SANTUR, 2016, 10 min

Deviations From the Wheel, 2007, 6 min


TRT: 57 minutes

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