Screens at Cinema Borealis (1550 N. Milwaukee, 4th Floor) Presented by NORTHWEST CHICAGO FILM SOCIETY


December 18th, 2011

When her deadbeat Lapland Shepard husband takes off and leaves her hungry and heartbroken, Mirjami Kuosmanen (director Erik Blomberg’s real world wife) seeks the help of a local shaman who turns her into a white reindeer vampire. Adapted from a Finnish folk tale, the film is beautifully shot against staggering Finnish snowscapes and herds of reindeer who don’t have marital problems. The Finnish entry at the 1953 Cannes film festival won the award for Best Fairy Tale film with Jean Cocteau as the president of the mostly french Jury, and made its way to the US as THE WHITE REINDEER in 1957 as a limited release.

Also on the bill tonight is a 16mm kinescope of the SPACE PATROL episode, A CHRISTMAS PARTY FOR HAPPY originally aired on Christmas Day 1954, and featuring (briefly) a reindeer driven spaceship. (JA)

Program Details:
Directed by Erik Blomberg
(1953, 67 mins., Junior-Filmi, 35mm)
Print courtesy of Douris Corp.
Special thanks to Tim Lanzas

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