Shorts from Providence and
Tampa’s Sub-Underground

The Nightingale Cinema, 1084 N. Milwaukee
Thursday, July 20, 8 pm, $7-10 suggested donation
(includes an original Risograph poster by Chris Day)

The Nightingale presents a program of shorts by artists active within the orbit of the American sub-underground music and comics scene. All hail from Providence, Rhode Island or Tampa, Florida, two hubs of outré DIY culture typified by the reclamation of public or abandoned space as a site for creative expression, a lo-fi aesthetic imbued with the oozy runoff of junk science fiction and horror, and a festering occlusion from the cultural trends of our great nation’s more fashionable big cities. Rhode Island and Florida are 2/3 of what the liner notes of the 2006 noise compilation Rare Youth lovingly refers to as the “noise axis”, a triumvirate completed by California.

The films of Xander Marro/Mat Brinkman and Leif Goldberg are rapid fire assaults on the senses, filmic reflections of the exquisite, dayglo aesthetic of legendary Providence experimental living/art spaces Fort Thunder and Dirt Palace and the affiliated comics/noise/art collectives Paper Rodeo and Forcefield. The homemade videos of Carlos Gonzalez swim within the same swamp water of his maddeningly prolific music and comics output—loner Americana, fluidity between the netherworld of dreams and profane reality, and a good dose of macabre humor. Cameron Worden, an invaluable fixture of Chicago’s cinematic community as a projectionist, programmer, and, not least, maker, rounds out our evening with a dual Super 8mm performance of psycho-mush and mangled tape warbling.

The total running time of the screening is 60 minutes. Give an hour for art!

Starting at 8:30 sharp.

Featuring shorts by Carlos Gonzalez, Leif Goldberg, Cameron Worden and Xander Marro in collaboration with Mat Brinkman. Original poster design by Chris Day.


Program: (60 minute running time)

Carlos Gonzalez: Buy This Car, VHS digital transfer, 2017 (15 minutes)

Leif Goldberg: Laws For The Interminable, 16 MM digital transfer, 2006 (3 minutes)

Carlos Gonzalez: Cafe Banana, VHS digital transfer, 2017 (15 minutes)

Xander Marro and Mat Brinkman: 0106, 16 MM, 2006 (12 minutes)

Leif Goldberg: Life Under Three Suns, 16 MM digital transfer, 2007 (3 minutes)

Cameron Worden: Prevue 8, dual 8 MM, 2017 (10 minutes)

Programmed by Jimmy Schaus and Aaron Walker


Carlos Gonzalez is known for his wildly prolific musical output as Russian Tsarlag and Byron House and for his uniquely psychedelic graphic novels, including the 500-plus page sci-fi opus Slime Freak as well as Test Tube and Scab County. His work has been published by Picturehouse and Floating World Comics and has been included in anthologies like Kramers Ergot 6.

Leif Goldberg is a printmaker, founding member of the noise band-art collective Forcefield and long-time resident of the legendary, now defunct Providence, Rhode Island warehouse Fort Thunder. A frequent contributor to the free avant-comics tabloid Paper Rodeo, Goldberg’s artwork has been published by Drawn and Quarterly and Picturebox, included in a vast array of comics anthologies and featured in the 2002 Whitney Biennial as part of Forcefield.

Xander Marro is a filmmaker, underground puppeteer, and arts non-profit director based in Providence, Rhode Island. She is a member of Dirt Palace, a feminist art collective, where she makes movies, puppet shows, prints, and phone calls.

Mat Brinkman (Meerk Puffy, Mystery Brinkman, Brinkmangler, and Mucid Cuspidor) is a visual artist, experimental musician and founding member of the storied and enormously influential Fort Thunder warehouse and Forcefield art collective. His graphic novels include Teratoid Heights and Multiforce. He is the creator of the self described “necro-demonic dungeon-brawl” board game Cave Evil.

Cameron Worden is a Chicago-based projectionist, programmer and filmmaker from Tampa, FL. His name can be found written on the underside of several local toilet bowls

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