An evening of video, performance, and pasta
with Tony Balko & A.E. Paterra.


Wednesday, March 26th, 8pm, $7-10

Flashing lights and pulsing synthesizers create a site for transmogrification, as Balko and Paterra invite you to ride shotgun on a trip toward the Singularity. Psychedelic fictions and good old heavy vibes provide a glimpse of the future as seen from the eyes of working class Ridge Runners.

Suit up and come hungry!

All titles are by Tony Balko (picture) and A.E. Paterra (sound).

Digitally Mastered
1:40 / DV / 2012
Digitally Mastered for optimal video and audio performance.

The Widower Strikes Back
4:30 / DV / 2014
Internet crime hits close to home, but it doesn’t have to hurt. A real email “spoof” is turned positive through nostalgia.

3 Men & A Baby Ghost
9:21 / DV / 2011
An ominous knock on Ted Danson’s door leads to a psychedelic trip through the astral plane. The truth is irrelevant. Belief is affirmed. Transcendence is unintelligible.

Heavy Flow
1:53 / DV / 2013
That scene from Freddie where Johnny Depp’s guy gets it.

Emotional Sundiving
15:00 / DV / 2012
Considers the New Age as a path toward total fulfillment. The Sun’s rays are transmuted into the substances of life through the power of belief.

approx 20:00 / A+V / 2014
Live performance with color and sound.


Anthony Emidio Paterra is a percussionist, synthesist, and composer living in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Co-founder of the band Zombi, he also performs solo as Majeure.

Tony Balko is an artist and educator from Smithton, Pennsylvania, USA. Primarily working in the moving image, he seeks to elicit the ecstatic via flickering color fields, dork fetishism aesthetics, and classic rock anthems.

A mutual attraction to outer space and sick grooves first brought Balko & Paterra together as collaborators in 2006. Since then they have worked on numerous videos, performances and pasta sauces. Both hail from Southwestern Pennsylvania from marginally Italian families. Their collaboration is rooted in the nuances of pal-hood, immersive fantasy, and a yearning to escape the basement and shred.

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