Expanded Cinema Performance by Lauren Carter, Joe Grimm, and Ben Russell
Saturday, September 13, 2008

In the grand tradition of the Pyramids at Giza (home of “The Sound and Light Show”), the London Filmmakers Co-Operative, Tony Conrad and Bruce McClure and _____, your friends at the Nightingale Theatre are bringing a triple-header EXPANDED CINEMA show to your own Midwestern backyard. In what promises to be a loud, flickering, and thoroughly LIVE event, Itinerant Chicagoan Ben Russell joins forces with New Chicagoans Joe Grimm and Lauren Carter (welcome!) for a 4-part performance involving Multiple Projectors, Thumb-Piano Drones, Resonant Frequencies, Stroboscopic Action, A Rubber Mask, Red Underwear and A Massive Gong! Burn some ear candles, visit your eye doctor, and prepare to have your senses be overwhelmed!

NATURE ILLUSION by Lauren Carter (6:00, 16mm, live sound, 2007)
Diseased Oak leaves from the floodplains of New Orleans are transformed into a cameraless 16mm string of geometrical forms, pushed through the night air by live drones and hypnotic tones.

EPIPHENOMENAL BOOGIE: LIGHT-SOUND SINGULARITIES IN PATTERNED TIME by Joe Grimm (25:00, live triple-projector performance, 2008)
Using three 16mm projectors, black-and-white loops are projected through primary-colored gels to produce various mixed color phenomena at the screen. Noisy audio is produced by a circuit matrix that uses screen-mounted light sensors to modulate the feedback within projectors’ built-in audio circuits. Sound is played back through a massive, resonant gong. A psychedelic, stroboscopic exploration of the physical qualities of light, electricity, shaking metal, and vibrating air.

THE RED AND BLUE GODS by Ben Russell w/Joe Grimm (8:00, 16mm, live sound, 2005)
An ethnographic field report in which the Anthropologist describes the mythic creation of an unnamed ‘sun-scraping structure’ through the ritualized actions of the Red and the Blue Gods. Featuring live narration by Ben Russell and sound by Joe Grimm.

THE BLACK AND WHITE GODS by Ben Russell (25:00, live double-projector performance, 2008)
Using a short segment of Russell’s early ethnographic film DAUMA as its foundation, this double-projection performance employs a variety of 16mm film loops, hand-built electronics, prismatic lenses, and analog components to create an audiovisual feedback loop that edges steadily towards the phenomenological. With echoes of Tony Conrad’s The Flicker and William Basinski’s Disintegration Loops, THE BLACK AND THE WHITE GODS seeks to interrogate the possibility of representation via the abstracted field of bodily experience.

Very Special Thanks to programmer Ben Russell.

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