New Videos by Kyle Canterbury
Presented by White Light Cinema


November 21, 2009

For the past several years Kyle Canterbury has been quietly, in the shadows, creating a stunning body of work. His videos are among the richest expressions of cinema of the last several decades. His eye for color and texture, rhythm and composition, rival many of the masters of experimental film. But comparisons are facile-Canterbury is working different terrain. He is rooting to the primal essence of the video medium unlike anyone before.

In the last year or two, Canterbury has moved from a more formal exploration of video specificity to something less definable. His recent landscape works (for lack of a better description) are ineffable, hauntingly beautiful pieces that frequently operate at the margins of movement. Tiny, almost imperceptible, gestures create micro-rhythms and call for an actively engaged viewer.

Whether it is the Utah desert, a formal garden, or the screen of a window, Canterbury is not so much concerned with what we see as he is with how we see it.

On the Ground (9 mins, 2008, video)

The Search (19 mins, 2008, video)

From Fragments (6 mins, 2009, video)

Screen (4 mins, 2009, video)

Chair (6 mins, 2009, video)

January (11 mins, 2009, video)

Gardens (24 sec, 2009, video)

Utah (10 mins, 2009, video)

Garden (10 mins, 2009, video)

Program approx. 76 minutes.

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