Film & Video by Jason Livingston
Jason Livingston in Person!


The Nightingale Cinema, 1084 N. Milwaukee
March 30th, 2013

Program Details:
MOOD RING (2008, video, 3 min)
Created in response to a poem by Laura Spagnoli for Thomas Devaney’s ONandOnScreen project, which pairs verse and cinema.

THE END (1998, video, 4 min)

THE TWO BOYS: (1999, video, 10 min)
Greek goddesses, sailors and dolphins collide in the mind of an amateur cameraman. Memories upended across ocean waters.

LAKE AFFECT (2007, video, 2 min)
Particles make up the sub-strata, bunnies proliferate. A late-season thunderstorm opens a portal to the animal world.

ACID REIGN (2012, video, 4.5 min)
Will animals re-populate the Earth after we are gone?

COPY & PAST, in collaboration with Dora Malech (in progress) (2013, video, 5.5 min.)
Found images and found text from online matchmaking sites enter a collaborative conversation; images in which seeking individuals block, blur, deface and erase their loved ones are left unaltered, while lines of text are anagrammed to reveal alternate possibilities inherent in the original letters. How does one repurpose one’s past to imagine a future?

JULY FIX (2006, 16mm, 3 min)
An in-camera performance film that swoons. It’s July, a month for sending and getting sent, and honeybees buzz for pollen.

UNDER FOOT & OVERSTORY (2005, 16mm, 35 min)
Local environmentalists, the Friends of Hickory Hill Park, work to protect nearly 200 acres of unique urban parkland in Iowa City, Iowa. The organization’s mission statement must be produced. The inaugural Hickory Hill Park calendar must be completed. Nature images run parallel, collide or drift beside the demands of group writing, open space and the park’s changing boundary. There will be a 6 minute intermission.

Jason Livingston is a film and video maker from Upstate New York. His work has been programmed at many festivals and venues, including the Rotterdam International Film Festival, Anthology Film Archives, the Austrian Film Museum, the Margaret Mead Film Festival, Ann Arbor and more. Under Foot & Overstory, winner of a Jury Prize from the New York Underground Film Festival, can be rented from the Canadian Filmmakers Distribution Centre. The Two Boys earned a Special Director’s Prize for Poet of the Cinema at the late, great Cinematexas. Some of his recent video work can be seen as part of ETC: Experimental Television Center 1969-2009, a 5-DVD Anthology distributed by Electronic Arts Intermix. He is a recipient of a New York State Council of the Arts Individual Artist Grant for his work-in-progress, INTERSTATE, a long-form video essay about video collectives, the Socialist Workers Party, the Onondaga Nation, family history, political economy and disco. In addition to making moving images, he has worked in film exhibition, most notably with THAW in the late 1990s and with Cornell Cinema from 2002 – 2004. He occasionally writes about cinema for such publications as The Brooklyn Rail.


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