Bill Daniel Presents an Evening of Orphan Music Films, 1965-1987
Featuring a Performance by The Blue Ribbon Glee Club


July 25th, 2010

Film Tramp Bill Daniel is back in the van on tour with a new program of recently unearthed 16mm music films (mostly silent) featuring lost 1965 news footage of The Beatles, 1977 Avengers, and 1980 and Austin New Wave bands, and where possible, a one-night photo exhibit.

It’s a compilation reel of music footage, projected on 16mm, mostly silent, of some rare celluloid gems from my collection, and has been seen by almost no one. None of the material has seen the light of youtube. Most of this footage is truly “orphaned film”— abandoned, lost, found, and now presented raw without editing.

There is a flavor of goofy nostalgia to much of the footage, but the images are also haunting— silent rock and roll ghosts, still singing, pogoing, sneaking hits on cigarettes, making direct eye contact, but mute. A few of the scenes have audio, but some of the reels were long ago separated from their sound tracks before they ever had a chance to be edited and printed.

Each of the films has it’s own story, like if a stray dog at the pound could tell you how he got there. Part of the evening’s presentation is a telling of some of these stories, and a discussion on the relationship between underground music and film cultures.

Program Includes:
1965, Beatles in San Francisco— raw news footage I rescued from a closing film lab (eerie silent mop-top photo op, teenagers convulsing with Beatlemania, etc.)

1977, Performance footage of the Avengers and lost takes from a student drama staring Penelope Houston, shot by poet/punk portraitist Pamela Mosher.

1980, Two legendary punk/new wave Austin bands The Huns and Boy Problems filmed live at Rauls Club. Evidence of the fertile crossover between the Film dept at UT and the music scene at Raul’s club.

A couple of 100-footers of mine— Butthole Surfers performance I shot while touring with them in ’87 (footage confiscated by the club for on-stage nudity, then inexplicably returned to me months later) and an outdoor Sonic Youth concert shot downtown Houston in ’86.

Plus a haunting early Johnny Cash kinoscope, and probably some other curios.

The Blue Ribbon Glee Club will close out the evening.


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