Screened at Cinema Borealis (1550 N. Milwaukee, 4th Floor) Presented by NORTHWEST CHICAGO FILM SOCIETY


September 13, 2011

Two young thugs (Tony Musante and Badlands’ Martin Sheen in his first on screen role) terrorize passengers on a late night subway ride in New York City. What begins as a standard piece of inner city pulp quickly spirals into a delicate microcosm of New York City under pressure. Not available on DVD and reportedly never screened in England due to issues with the censors (surprising, as it shares a lot of political similarities with Lindsay Anderson’s If… released just a year later), The Incident has maintained a small cult following from late night screenings on TV, but theatrical screenings are few and far between. This particular print last played at the New York Transit Museum and we can only assume that the attendees all took cabs home. With Beau Bridges, Ruby Dee, Jack Gilford, Thelma Ritter, and Jan Sterling. (JA)

THE INCIDENT directed by Larry Peerce
(1967, 107 min, 20th Century Fox, 16mm, permission Criterion)

Preshow Cartoon: “Jerry’s Cousin”
(1951, Joseph Barbera, William Hanna, 35mm Technicolor)

The Northwest Chicago Film Society is an Illinois Not-For-Profit Organization. It exists to promote the preservation of film in context. Films capture the past uniquely. They hold the stories told by feature films, but also the stories of the industries that produced them, the places where they were exhibited, and the people who watched them. We believe that all of this history-not just of film, but of 20th century industry and culture-is more intelligible when it’s grounded in unsimulated experience: seeing a film in a theater, with an audience, and projected from film stock.

Films Are Programmed and Projected by Julian Antos, Becca Hall, and Kyle Westphal

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