Works by Cameron Gibson

The Nightingale Cinema, 1084 N. Milwaukee
Sunday, March 13, 7 pm, $7-10

The Nightingale is delighted to present Cameron Gibson’s first solo hometown screening. Canny in their drops into the uncanny, Cameron’s works dutifully revel in concealment as revelation; always showing over telling. Psychological here refers to exterior faces to interior phases, while thinking and feeling these spaces with the complexity and compassion they require. Sometimes the films feel like puzzles that even when completed reveal a disquieting image—the pieces are all in their right place, but something doesn’t feel right. Floating through an oblique hollow of mirrors experimental, documentary and narrative, tonight’s program deals with big things in small ways. Scenes are staged and stolen, capturing the strange feeling of watching, of being watched. The screening includes several works that are new to audiences, including the world premiere episode of Gibson and Kyle Schlie’s expanded, transdisciplinary soap opera, By Way of Today, which begins a weeklong shift on acretv.org on March 21st.

(The End of Sculpture [co-directed by Macon Reed], 2014, video, sound, 13 minutes)

The Inner and Outer Vanishing Point, 2013, video, sound, 20 min.

Swamp (3963 N Clark), 2014, video, sound, 9 minutes

Standby, 2014, video, sound, 1 minute

By Way of Today (co-produced by Kyle Schlie), 2016, video, sound, 7 minutes

Joshua Tree, 2011, video, silent, 1 minute

Overture, 2016, video, sound, 22 minutes

Hot Stuff, 2015, video, sound, 3 minutes

Cameron Gibson is a Chicago-based filmmaker, teacher and occasional landscaper. Blending documentary, narrative and experimental film, his work often delves into personal histories and the uncanny – both realizing and critiquing a fundamental voyeurism at the heart of filmmaking and film watching. Cameron has presented work at galleries and festivals worldwide, including the International Film Festival Rotterdam (The Netherlands), European Media Art Festival (Osnabrück, Germany), Galeria Zé dos Bois (Lisbon, Portugal), Winnipeg Underground Film Festival (Canada), MassArt Film Society (Boston, MA), Echo Park Film Center (Los Angeles, CA), EMP Collective (Baltimore, MD), The Nightingale Cinema, The Mission Projects, Gallery 400 and the Museum of Contemporary Art (all Chicago, IL). He studied film production at Northwestern University and received an MFA in Moving Image from University of Illinois at Chicago. camerondeangibson.com

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