A Chicago Cine Poem based on the work of Lee Young-Li


April 8th & 9th, 2011

THE CITY IN WHICH is an expanded cinema project based on Chicago poet Li-Young Lee’s “The City In Which I Love You”. The intersections: Where the curiosity and vision of twelve emerging filmmakers meet a poem set in our hometown. How a whirring projector sings with verses read aloud. Where image and language stride side streets together, navigating an intimate and abstract emotional topography of our city.

Joshua Dumas and Christy LeMaster distributed fresh rolls of 16mm film to a dozen experimental filmmakers, asking them to respond to the poem and to their own experience of living and making in Chicago. The resulting footage will be spliced into a combined short accompanied by a reading of the poem by Joshua, a performance built from and informed by the filmmakers’ images.

A program of cine-poems, curated by Christy, will round out the evening. The screening will include work by Humprey Jennings, Stan Vanderbeek, Michael Langan, and Jennifer Reeves, among others.

Participating Filmmakers:
Melika Bass
MCA 12×12 artist, Ann Arbor Film Festival’s 48th AAFF Tour

Jeremy Bessoff
2010 Artist-in-residence at High Concept Labs

Thomas Comerford
Conversations at the Edge, Siskel Film Center 2010

Carolyn Faber
Views From The Avant-Garde 2009, Onion City 2009

Lori Felker
Rotterdam International Film Festival 2011

Scott Foley
Wisconsin Film Festival, Ohio International Doc Film Fest

Jason Halprin
Images Festival 2009, Media City 2008, CUFF 2008

Emily Irvine
Student SAIC

Marianna Milhorat
Best Experimental- CUFF 2010

Kate Raney
Broad Shoulders Tour 2010

Jerzy Rose
Best Narrative Short-Chicago Underground Film Festival 2009

Daniéle Wilmouth
Conversations at the Edge, Siskel Film Center 2010

Joshua Dumas is a composer, artist, and writer in Chicago. He co-founded the street performance troupe the Summer is for Fireflies, and has played on a dozen records and in dingy rock clubs nationwide. Recently he has had honor of composing for Caffeine Theatre, New Beast Theatre, Vintage Collective, and Theatre Run. Dumas was composer and co-devisor of an experimental semi-opera that the Chicago Reader named “Best New Theatrical Form 2010.” He podcasts poems at Pieces of the Storm

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