Selected Shorts 2000-2011
Co Presented by the UWM Film Dept & Milwaukee Underground Film Festival


The Nightingale Cinema, 1084 N. Milwaukee
February 19th, 2012

The indefatigable Pittsburgh-based avant-garde avatar tENTATIVELY, a cONVENIENCE has amassed an impressive catalog of esoteric work as a ‘(d) composer’, writer, performer, musician, and sprocket scientist over the last 30+ years. Tonight’s program highlights a selection of his short vaudeos, including documentary portraits from the fringe, a compelling found-footage romp through the mediascape, a lampoon of local news nonsense, and also touting array of textual treatises. Profound, profane, and personal, this cross-section of his opulent oeuvre provides a privileged purview of the place of images in the creation of our sense of self.

Program Details:
Defenders of Goolengook, video, 17.5 min, 2000-04
I.A.C. Deer Head Sculpture @ Former Rankin Steel Mill, video, 8.5 min, 2000-04
Ledger of St Dermain, mini-DV/slides/slidestrip/Super8mm-to-video, 7 min, 2004
Haircut Paradox, video, 14 min, 2005-06
Capitalism is an Ism, video, 6.5 min, 2006
The Ballad of CodyodeeodoooO, video, 13 min, 2006-07
Subtitles (closure version), 8mm/Super-8mm/16mm/VHS/image data files/mini-dv-to-dvd), 12 min, 2005-08
TV ‘News’ Commits Suicide, video, 6 min, 2009
Robotic (for YouTube), video, 7 min, 2009
COLONY, video, 9 min, 2010-11

Total running time: ca. 105 minutes.

tENTATIVELY, a cONVENIENCE was born at age 21 in 1975 Era Vulgari in BalTimOre, usa. It was at this time that he decided that he was a Mad Scientist/d-composer/Sound Thinker/Thought Collector. Since then he has been active with the Krononautic Organism (a time travelers’ society), Nuclear Brain Physics Surgery School, the Neoast?! ‘Patanational Cultural Conspiracy’, the Church of the SubGenius (in which he’s a saint), etc. Whenever he has the energy he devotes himself to “undermining ‘reality’ maintenance traps” through attempting to apply the maxim “Anything is Anything.” These days this is usually manifested by being a Psychopathfinder & a Jack-Off-Of-All-Trades.

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