are they pleasure paths …

or desire lines?
screening & arcanebolt performance


Wednesday, July 15, 7 pm, $7-10
The Nightingale Cinema, 1084 N Milwaukee, Chicago, IL

Desire lines are the trodden dirt trails that cut out shortcuts and alternate routes through sodded landscapes. They are often viewed as users misbehaving or circumventing design.

Similarly, pleasure paths are the winding trails etched by hikers in unstructured natural spaces, a sort of collective pathfinding. Veering off from the paved trail, pleasure paths offer an alternative to the established route.

These ways in which users are regarded and the semantic shift between them is a compelling way to think about how we engage and rebuff software, hardware and our user state. How we use and get used.

The projects included explore multiple ways in which users navigate systems: breaking, building, experimenting and reforming within the conditions of software.


program details:
surfing my feed (endless summer) ~ 2014 (on before screening)

a moment (between two places) ~ 2015 (20:00)

teaching a water faucet how to be a waterfall ~ 2013 (2:33)

motionless performance ~ 2012 (15:12)

gui ~ 2012 (4:13)

arcanebolt performance ~ (30:00)


Mark Beasley is an artist working with the internet, sculpture, video and performance. Recent work examines the relationship between culture and technology, how they shape each other and ourselves as users. He has participated in shows in Chicago, New York City, Los Angeles, Cincinnati, Madrid, Amsterdam, Göteborg and Trondheim.

arcanebolt, comprised of Tamas Kemenczy, Mark Beasley & Alex Inglizian, is a video synthesizer cobbled together out of homemade electronics and microcontrollers that target old, corruptible CRT displays. We use firmware generated animations, feedback loops, keyboards and bleeding circuits to build up and tear apart video images and tease out unexpected audio/video territory from bygone computer peripherals.

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