A New Feature by Will Goss
Preceded by a musical performance
with Sullivan, Goss & Crouse


Saturday, June 20, 7 pm, $7-10
The Nightingale Cinema, 1084 N Milwaukee, Chicago, IL


Partisans and rubberneckers of Will Goss unite! With his latest offering, Hunting (2015, video, 67 min) his multicolored yarns—like Land, the Magenta’s Caress series, and the intrigue-laden magnificently flat chromascapes of Clarksdale—in favor of a stark, cool thicket of sleepy black-and-white tenderness punctuated by and duck calls and unbloody gunshots. His flair for melodrama, aphorisms, and strange personal hurdles retains its pungent punch, with whiffs of Jarmusch and Sturges seeping in.

Now, be tantalized by the trailer!

For plot points, let’s turn to the (adapted) words of Mississippi Modern newspaper, shall we?

Lacey Gaston (Krista Shows) and Robbie Dean (Randall Andrews) are finally tying the knot—The church is booked, the flowers are picked, and the gong has been purchased. Enter Nicole Stadium (Mary Virginia Goss), Robbie’s ex. They’ve known each other, as she and Robbie mention numerous times, since they were “this high.” For Nicole, there ain’t gonna be no wedding; not if she can help it. Kenneth Magazine (Will Goss) is Robbie’s best friend. Kenneth loves to hunt those big deer. This season has been a little too good, and Kenneth has killed one deer too many. And guess who finds out? Chad “Gator” Jeffries (Floyd Graham), the most vigilant game warden in the county, one hell-bent on proving Kenneth’s guilt.

Will Kenneth get busted and lose his hunter’s license?

Will Robbie end up with Nicole or Lacey?

The answers to these questions—and many more fundamental ones about existence—are contained within the frames of Will Goss’s Hunting.

Hunting1 (1)

Hunting1 (2)

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