All the Memory in the World + The Son of Samsonite
A double shot of Mike Olenick
Artist in attendance!

All the Memory in the World (2013)

Tuesday, September 10th at 8 pm, $7-10

Mike Olenick‘s enpsychlopedic cinema re-enacts, re-mixes, re-cites, re-edits, de-capitulates, re-stores, re-envisions and re-flects the history of moving and still images, those inside and behind them. Through virtuosic editing and an archivist’s quiver, idiosyncratic new narratives emerge. All the Memory in the World (2013) is an experimental video essay with an unreliable, obsessive, insomniac narrator waxing (on and off) about the role of the image within the image: photographs in films. Along the way, audiences are challenged to an off-balance staring contest with memory, scopophilia, identity, violence, permanence, performativity and representation. Sourced from over 400 films, this feature-length video feels a bit like a dream where you’re constantly falling into a mountain of VHS tapes and unspooled celluloid and floating projections, never reaching the bottom. TheĀ Son of Samonsite (2002) is a breathless collage of found, forged and reconfigured text and images. A joke with lines and punches but skewed delivery. The melodies are bounced from a rogue transmitter to dental fillings in a dynamite mouth.

TheĀ Son of Samsonite (2002, 9 mins)

All the Memory in the World (2013, 72 mins)

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