Emerging Curators Showcase


The Nightingale Cinema, 1084 N. Milwaukee
May 11-12th, 2012


Friday, May 11th at 7:00 pm: Curated by Devdutt Trivedi

How similar fragments of film create a different sensorial whole which emphasizes both a micropolitics of space as well as a geographical projection of time.The film presented Nainsukh by Amit Dutta will free the cinematic object from representation. Within this context audiences will begin a new engagement with the cinematographic image.

Program Details
Nainsukh (Amit Dutta, 2010, 90 minutes, Dogri with English subtitles)

Nainsukh (born 1710, died 1768) was the greatest eighteenth-century Indian miniaturist, the son of the respected Pandit Seu and brother of the steadfast Manaku. He deviated from his family workshop style by following his interest for Mughal naturalism. At the age of thirty, Nainsukh was invited by Raja Zorawar Singh to his castle in Jasrota. Nainsukh served him until Singh’s untimely death, but was retained as court artist by his young son Raja Balwant Singh. These two dandy-like, non-ruling Rajput princes were connoisseurs who enjoyed spending their limited fortunes on entertaining colourful guests and they shared a refined taste in music, dance and theatrical performances. Nainsukh participated in their artistic amusements…


Friday, May 11th at 9:00 pm: Curated by Carolina Fernandez Del Dago

HOMECOMING explores the notion of return, which is both a desire and a compulsion. Even as an audience we can’t return to the same work and feel as we did the previous instance. The idea of reliving is treacherous; time is the added value. There is an innate understanding in each work of the impossibility of return, and each one assimilates memory through different devices: reenactments, repetition, transformation, compilation, etc. The film/video makers summon the past, and the screen becomes a space for its recollection. Through interpretation of personal or borrowed histories, the work embraces the shifts and interruptions that result from the process of evoking. The past is a familiar spirit and territory.


Saturday, May 12th at 4:00 pm: Curated by Nick Ian Capote

ILLUMINATION aims to provoke the viewer’s attention in this selection of meditative films. Film acts as a living medium. A mutual awareness is activated, the viewer is aware simultaneously of the material of the film and themselves in the room. Gradually, self is erased and only elemental film techniques are experienced. Self-induced trance states are realized.


Saturday, May 12th at 6:00 pm: Curated by Patrick Quinn

DITHER D00M: An Introduction/Retrospective to/of Mayan New Media

Q: How did DITHER DOOM first end?

A: It was a synesthetic experience. If I recall correctly, I first saw the white light, and then the white noise slowly faded in. White noise became a reptilian hiss, the hiss became flesh ripping feedback. I closed my eyes, and then re-opened them, everything was pixelated. Then nothing. the movement consisted of mostly screen based ‘artworks’ deeply rooted in a fatalistic sense of hyper awareness and excitement that the apocalypse was approaching and unavoidable. much like the dirty new media artists that preceded them, the mayan new media artists sought to problematize and aestheticize technological glitches and errors as a means to develop and introduce socio-cultural critique(s) on wo/mans’ nature with technology. however, mayan new media artists’ integral focus and objective was warning humanity of their certain and undeniable doom.


Saturday, May 12 at 8:00 pm: Curated by Kimberly Palmisano

In this series of odd-natured films, videos, and whatever you call that piece with the French-speaking pineapple, I aim to entertain as well as confuse. This confusion, hopefully, will lead to a natural investigation as to what other elements these films have in common other than your reaction to them. So what makes a film make you go wut? Is it puppets? Is it antagonizing inanimate objects in general? Is it Nazis out of nowhere? Or is it any sort of distortion of what we remember of childhood? Wut is it that gives you the confused pleasure akin to that of mushrooms? (Or so I’ve been told…)

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