Showing Up for Racial Justice- Chicago Chapter
Thinking Systemically Workshop

Tuesday, September 26 at 6:30-8:30 PM, Free

While white supremacy & racism like those on display in Charlottesville this August are often easy to identify, the systems that create and feed such horror can be much harder to identify and dismantle — even though these systems exist as part of our everyday lives. To build a just, anti-racist society, we need to learn more about how systemic racism works in our backyard. When we do that, we’re taking another step on our anti-racist journey and standing in solidarity with Charlottesville.

In this workshop we’ll discuss what system-level racism is and how it differs from individual-level racism. We’ll also examine how system-level racism operates in Chicago’s housing, education, and policing. When you leave, you’ll have enough background knowlege to identify what anti-racist, solution-based campaigns you want to join right here in Illinois!

Register Here!: https://goo.gl/forms/nViMTwbrGuve75kK2

-Venue is accessible via the Blue Line, the Milwaukee, Division, & Ashland buses and there is on-street parking.
– There is a ramp available (upon request) to provide access over the one step into the building.
– The location has one gender-inclusive bathroom, but that bathroom is not ADA compliant.

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