Super-8mm films by Jason Halprin

Saturday, July 12, 2008


Jason Halprin is one of a handful of filmmakers who remain committed to the small gauge format of Super-8 while the surrounding world becomes increasingly digital. Traditionally a format of home-movies and avant-garde filmmakers, Halprin’s work takes advantage of the intimacy and flexibility that Super-8 offers. His experimental diary films focus on small details, unobserved moments, and subtle variations of color, texture, and movement that often escape filmmakers working in other formats. From the seemingly mundane activity of repotting houseplants to the impressionistic views of the Nebraska landscape to the hand gestures of politicians giving stump speeches, Halprin provides a lens into a world where the little things are seen to have as great an import as the grandiose.

Madison Farmer’s Market -July 2005, 4 min 45 sec
Skyview I -November 2002, 1 min 45 sec
Winter Weather and My Soul: Part I -December 2003, 2 min
Winter Weather and My Soul: Part II -December 2003, 2 min 45
Small Gauge Politics -October 2004, 2 min 45 sec
Brooklyn Prospect -October 2007, 3 min 20 sec
Wisconsin Desert Beach -July 2003, 2 min, 45 sec
Harlem to Valhalla -October 2007, 3 min 20 sec
Apostate Unveiling -October 2007, 3 min 20 sec
The Dead in Amber -August 2007, 3 min 30 sec
Old Soul Markers -November 2007, 2 min
NYC Imagine -January 2004, 45 sec
Pop Bridge -July 2007, 3 min 15 sec
Great Nebraska Highway -October 2005, 2 min 45 sec
Potted Plants II -July 2003, 2 min
Peak to Peak: Autumn -September 2005, 3 min 50 sec
Skyview II (fire on the water) -December 2007, 3 min
Boulder Falls Falling -May 2007, 3 min 20 sec

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