Underground Iranian Films
Curated by Shirin Mozaffari & Ehsan Ghoreishi


July 24th, 2009

Regardless of media control and censorship in Iran, the underground film movement is strong and thriving. These films, banned from screening publicly in their home country due to their “inappropriate content”, shed light on the youth culture of Iran by representing more controversial perspectives in contemporary Iranian cinema.

UNTITLED by Sarvenaz Karimianpour (2007, 5m 28s,video)
An animation piece that explores different body forms

LADY by Shirin Zahiri (2008, 5m 51s, film on video)
A comment on the way Iranian women have to dress in public vs. private and the consequences of inappropriate clothing in public

SHINY MUDDY BEAST by Mehdi Zaringhalam (2006, 8m 49s, video)
A woman falls from the sky into the bathroom of a young man resulting in an unexpected ending

3×4 by Milad Mahdavi (2008, 5m 51 s, film on video)
A subtly erotic film exploring the repression of homosexuality in Iran

MONO POP by Navid Fashami (2007, 2m 32s, film on video)
An audiovisual collage commenting on the variety of the contemporary lifestyles in Tehran

BULLSHITS by Sadaf Ahmadi (2007, 7m 40s, video)
A young Iranian woman builds a space for self-exploration within the limits of her car


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