by Barry Doupe
Presented by the Onion City Film Festival


June 17th, 2009

PONYTAIL by Barry Doupe (2008, 92 mins., video, Canada)
This astonishing computer-animated feature is a tour-de-force of technique and cryptic storytelling as it follows a set of Sims-like characters struggling against inaction. “This feature-length video follows several inflicted characters and recounts the ways in which they find resolve. A series of entropic scenarios held together by an attraction to failure and its spectacle describe the characters’ malfunction – their inability to fulfill personal desire. Compelled by the consequences and rewards of their attempts they question their own trajectory. Using elements of melodrama, performative monologue and traditional narrative structure Ponytail presents a unique society of characters that destroy the distinction between memory and invention.” (Doupe)

Preceded by:
UP THE RABBIT HOLE by Asa Mori (2008, 5 mins., video, Canada)
In this deliberately crudely animated work a “six-nippled creature finds herself trapped in a capsule with a dead rabbit and a bloody hole.” (Video Out)

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