MMX Open Art


Exchange Screening Chicago-Berlin
Curated by Rebecca Loyche
Organized by Eric Fleischauer
Introduced by Jason Burgess from MMX


April 23rd, 2011

Performance art is still thriving despite the bombardment of an oversaturated media culture, where so called reality is pumped out of TV shows and do it yourself web video postings. Artists are turning to devices that surround our everyday lives and using them as their props, their sets, and mediums to make performance work. This screening program shows a wide range of performances either made in front of the camera, to document the actions or manipulating found footage of others performing. Performing is all about the staging of the action and this selection of videos embraces the exciting diversity of just that.

The videos in this program are part of a Berlin/Chicago Exchange between Eric Fleischauer and the one-year art space MMX Open Art Venue in Berlin.

IT’S THREE IN THE AFTERNOON by Andrew de Freitas (1:21)
POP ACTIVISM by Elizabeth Wurst (7:13)
ART APPRECIATION (Jeff Koons) by Eric Fleischauer (1:00)
KOOL-AID MAN IN SECOND LIFE: In Search of the Virtual Sublime by Jon Rafman (11:43)
MIM ANDAR AVENIDA CANADA (video documentation for an action) by Zachary Fabri (3:45)
TELL ME THE TRUTh by Inez de Vega (2:39)
BUSCANDO al Sr. GOODBAR by Michelle Teran (5:00)
I HATE THIS TOWN by Nicolas Provost (2:00)
BALANCE STUDY by Jacob Tonski (1:00)
KISS (from The Pocahontas State Park Series) by Cari Freno (1:50)
PUKE NARRATION by Hugh Walton (4:18)
GESICHTSMUSIK by Ben Kinsley (2:22)
BLISS AND HEAVEN by Jesper Just (7:42)

MMX Open Art Venue is an artist run, non-profit space that existed for one year in Berlin’s commercial gallery street Linienstrasse in Mitte. It occupied the one of the last untouched, unrenovated buildings left on Linienstrase. The art space transformed out of a squatted dilapidated building into one of Berlin’s most popular alternative art scenes overnight.

During its one-year tenure MMX concentrated on presenting talented but underexposed art throughout their +1000sqm space with it’s several gallery rooms, video screening room, a music venue space, a back courtyard, and one of the only front gardens in the district. MMX brought people and art together by presenting exhibitions, film screenings, lectures, musical and dance performances, and unique weekly events.

Last summer, as part of MMX Show V, Eric Fleischauer curated a screening of Chicago-based artists whose work addressed ideas around lacking and longing. Titled DEFENESTRATION the program featured videos by Jesse McLean, Yoni Goldstein & Meredith Zielke, Steve Reinke, Ben Russell, Chelsea Welch, Warren Cockerham, Todd Simeone, and Jason Lazarus playing on a continuous loop in the gallery’s screening room.

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