Tracers Year of Radical Programming Launch
DJ Claire Arctander and
DJ The Tornado spinning the (feminist) hits!!


Saturday, February 28th at 5-7:00 pm, $Free
The Nightingale Cinema, 1084 N Milwaukee, Chicago, IL

The Nightingale is thrilled to announce that it will be a venue for the Tracers 2015-2016 Season!

Tracers is an inclusive and publicly engaged collective dedicated to promoting feminism and all forms of human equality. Tracers proposes and promotes self-determination as a civil right. Tracers is for EVERYONE.

Tracers was founded in 2013 when a group of artists, educators and activists in Chicago determined a need to revitalize the word feminism and the whole of the 4th wave feminist movement. Tracers provides an outlets for diverse artists, writers, activists, and citizens to build on the Chicago feminist legacy and contextualize its impact in a global 21st Century context.


This year’s programming includes: Feminist parking lots, gallery shows, film screenings, a reading series, hair braiding, panels on women’s work and more to come. Come help us launch this new Tracers year to learn more!

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A Benefit for Joe Gibbons


Wednesday, February 25th at 7:00pm, $7-10
The Nightingale Cinema, 1084 N Milwaukee, Chicago, IL

Joe Gibbons, the brilliant, provocative video artist, was arrested on New Year’s Eve for bank robbery. The New York Post—all salacious details, condescending scare quotes and scandalous urgency—breathlessly reported the story but left out some of the best parts. The Nightingale Cinema, in solidarity with other cinemas across the country, is doing its small part to raise (among other things) awareness of Gibbons‘ fascinating work and his present predicament. We’ll be screening a range of his works, made both collaboratively and on his own. A pioneer in experimental autobiography(?), Gibbons‘ work—which has shown in contexts like the Whitney Biennial, MoMA and Rotterdam—often centers on Joe—an anxious, if genius, misanthrope. The work is risky and smart, disarmingly funny and constantly bumping up against its own consideration of truth.

Attend generously.

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New Words


Saturday, February 21st at 8:00pm, $7-10
The Nightingale Cinema, 1084 N Milwaukee, Chicago, IL

Or: The Lightbulb Joke
Or: The Show is Over
Or: Il Prosto

A screening with no screen, no projector. An introduction, a raffle, a where’s-the-bathroom and a what’s-coming-soon, the lights go down… between each work, a few palate-cleansing seconds of black.

Cinema by Other Means is a willful confusion of the codes incumbent to specific aesthetic forms. A paraphrased Paul Ramirez Jonas instructively noticed that he was once stuck on a sculpture until he started calling it a monument and it started to make a new and better sense. Sometimes when you’re making a soup it starts tasting better when it’s a salad. So, tonight, we offer you a screening of movies that just so happen to not be movies. Some of Chicago’s finest image movers have been commissioned to make performances and give readings, to be bodies and look back at the audience.

New words and works by:

Lyra Hill
Andy Roche
Claire Arctander
Blair Bogin
Andrew Rosinski

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