Spirits, Psychics, Vortex
The 20th Monthly WRETCHED NOBLES
Film & Video Series


The Nightingale Cinema, 1084 N. Milwaukee
Wednesday October 19, 7:30 pm, $7-10


This month, filmmakers incorporate the concept(s) of ‘the unknown’, ghosts, magic, the spiritual realm, New Age, magic, occult, spooky goings-on, hauntings, the supernatural, etc.

Lauren Kimball-Brown & Julia Zinn
ToM Zarzecki
Sam Sea
Jesse Malmed
Derek Weber
Kaitlin Martin
Joe Goudreault
Alexander Fredericks
Layne Marie Williams
Greg Stephen Reigh
Emily Esperanza
Kenny Reed
Ernest J Ramone + Kenny Reed

With trailers from:
Pat Tremblay
Cyle Williamson

WRETCHED NOBLES is a monthly rogue cinema submission-based screening series that aims to provide a venue for NEW radical cinema + local underground film & video art. Nomadic in nature, WRETCHED NOBLES has hosted shows all over the city of Chicago and has showcased over 175 different film and video artists in the past 3 years. WRETCHED NOBLES celebrates themes of EXILE, FLUX, ANGST, PASSION, INCONSISTENCY, & MORAL PARADOX.


Programmed by Raul Benitez.

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Presented by Third Object
As part of the Fall Curatorial Residency
at Sector 2337

Liz Magic Laser, still from "The Thought Leader", 2015

The Nightingale Cinema, 1084 N. Milwaukee
Sunday, October 16th, 7 pm, $5

A Rule By Nobody
is an exploration of the boredoms, frustrations and pleasures of bureaucratic routines. Drawing its title from Hannah Arendt’s definition of bureaucracy, the exhibition takes the bored energy of office labor and channels it into a multipart dive into the sublimely overflowing inbox, the inky warm Xerox room, the balled up wads of red tape, and the moments of escape that punctuate the droning beige sameness of nine to five.

This video program is a motivational, team-building corporate retreat through other people’s daily grinds. The works in the screening emulate and parody various workplaces and their hierarchical structures to reveal inner formulas, dogmas and breaking points.

Program Details:
Hanne Lippard, Beige, 2013, Germany, digital video, 6m5s, color, sound

Kay Rosen, Sisyphus, 1991/2011, USA, digital video, 2m1s, black and white, no sound

Liz Magic Laser, The Thought Leader, 2015, USA, digital video, 9m21s, color, sound

Simon Denny, Corporate Boardbooks Website Presentation, 2011, Germany, digital video, 1m20s, color, sound

Ellen Nielsen, Flower Office, 2016, USA, digital video, 3m18s, color, sound

Jodie Mack, Unsubscribe #3: Glitch Envy, 2010, USA, 16mm, 5m45s, color, sound

Lawrence Weiner, To and Fro. Fro and To. And To and Fro. And Fro and To., 1972, USA, 1/2” open reel video transferred to digital video, black and white, sound

Pilvi Takala, The Trainee, 2008, Finland, digital video, 13m52s, color, sound

Andrew Norman Wilson, Workers Leaving the Googleplex, 2009-2011, USA, digital video, 11m3s, color, sound

This exhibition series is organized under the Fall Curatorial Residency at Sector 2337. It is composed of a two-part group exhibition, an ongoing back room installation, a video screening at the Nightingale Cinema, a live performance, and a printed publication.

Third Object is a roving curatorial collective based in Chicago. Recent exhibitions include Slow Stretch, Mana Contemporary Chicago; Satellites, The Franklin; Were the Eye Not Sunlike, ACRETV and Fernwey; and Mossy Cloak, Roots and Culture. Third Object is Ann Meisinger, Raven Munsell, and Gan Uyeda.

A Rule By Nobody is made possible through the support of Sector 2337, the Propeller Fund, Direct Office Furniture Warehouse, Video Data Bank and the Nightingale Cinema.

Still from The Thought Leader by Liz Magic Laser, 2015


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Simple Movements, Complications, Fainting Spells and Present Joys
Filmmaker in Attendance!


The Nightingale Cinema, 1084 N. Milwaukee
Friday, October 14th, 7 pm, $7 – 10


With a style that feels at once vast and particular, sublime and ordinary, the moving image work of Sky Hopinka transforms place into distance and memory into song. Reveling in the mutability of the seemingly immutable, Hopinka’s ethno-poetic vision mobilises and challenges ideas of landscape, language and personal history through an array of fiercely stunning image, sound and text.

Program Details:
Visions of an Island
[2016, 15min., Digital Video]
An Unangam Tunuu elder describes cliffs and summits, drifting birds, and deserted shores.  A group of students and teachers play and invent games revitalizing their language.  A visitor wanders in a quixotic chronicling of earthly and supernal terrain.  These visions offer glimpses of an island in the center of the Bering Sea.

[2014, 6min., Digital Video]
Featuring speakers of Chinuk Wawa, a Native American language from the Pacific Northwest, Wawa begins slowly, patterning various forms of documentary and ethnography. Quickly, the patterns tangle and become confused and commingled, while translating and transmuting ideas of cultural identity, language, and history.

Kuninkaga Remembers Red Banks, Kuninkaga Remembers the Welcome Song
 [2014, 9:30min., Digital Video]
The video traverses the history and the memory of a place shared by both the Hočąk and the settler. Red Banks, a pre-contact Hočąk village site near present day Green Bay, WI was also the site of Jean Nicolet’s landing, who in 1634 was the first European in present day Wisconsin. Images and text are used to explore this space alongside my grandmother’s recollections. Each serve as representations of personal and shared memory, as well as representations of practices and processes of remembrance, from the Hočąk creation story to Jean Nicolet’s landing, to the present.

Venite et Loquamur, Come All and Let Us Speak
[2015, 12min., Digital Video]
Vidit homines inter se loquentes linguā, quam alii mortuam esse dicunt. Sed adhuc secum loquuntur. Eos secuti sum et mecum locuti sunt. Omnes de cubiculo tecti alti deciderunt, fortasse videre ad caelum res reponet.

Jáaji Approx
[2015, 7:30min., Digital Video]
Logging and approximating a relationship between audio recordings of my father and videos gathered of the landscapes we have both separately traversed. The initial distance between the logger and the recordings, of recollections and of songs, new and traditional, narrows while the images become an expanding semblance of filial affect. Jáaji is a near translation for directly addressing a father in the Hočak language.

I’ll Remember You As You Were, Not As What You’ll Become
[2016, 12:30min., Digital Video]
An elegy to Diane Burns on the shapes of mortality, and being, and the forms the transcendent spirit takes while descending upon landscapes of life and death. A place for new mythologies to syncopate with deterritorialized movement and song, reifying old routes of reincarnation. Where resignation gives hope for another opportunity, another form, for a return to the vicissitudes of the living and all their refractions.


Sky Hopinka is a Ho-Chunk Nation national and descendent of the Pechanga Band of Luiseño Indians.  He was born and raised in Ferndale, Washington and spent a number of years in Palm Springs and Riverside, California, and Portland, Oregon and is currently based out of Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  In Portland he studied and taught chinuk wawa, a language indigenous to the Lower Columbia River Basin. His work centers around personal positions of homeland and landscape, designs of language and the facets of culture contained within.  He received his BA from Portland State University in Liberal Arts and his MFA in Film, Video, Animation, and New Genres from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

His work has played at various festivals including ImagineNATIVE Media + Arts Festival, Images Festival, Courtisane Festival, Ann Arbor Film Festival, American Indian Film Festival, Sundance Film Festival, Antimatter Film Festival, Chicago Underground Film Festival, FLEXfest, the LA Film Festival, the New York Film Festival – Projections and the Toronto International Film Festival – Wavelengths. He was awarded jury prizes at the Milwaukee Underground Film Festival, the More with Less Award at the 2016 Images Festival, the Tom Berman Award for Most Promising Filmmaker at the 54th Ann Arbor Film Festival, and 3rd Prize at the 2015 Media City Film Festival.

Programmed by Lee Ferdinand.

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