Films by Jason Halprin
The Nightingale says Happy Trails to a trusty friend


July 30th, 2011

Though he is best known for his commitment to the small gauge format of Super-8mm, Halprin began as a video artist, and still occasionally strays into optically printed and hand-processed 16mm work. Made over the past 14 years in over 35 US states and a few foreign countries, this program highlights his continued exploration of how geography, both physical and creative, is manifested in the moving image. Halprin’s work is influenced by the way humans are affected by their immediate surroundings, and how the shape of a location can impact social interaction and lifestyle. Though his cinematic journey has a strong presence in urban environments, Halprin says, the open air is really where his artistic heart lies: “cities and wilderness both open cerebral pathways that might otherwise not be taken, and the movement between them has a profound impact on thought patterns…as for me, I am haunted by landscape.”

Work Included:
Untitled #1 (1997, 2 min, video)
God Lives In My Pocket (1998, 5 min, video)
Willie J.C. as Prey (1998, 3 min, video)
Summer Home (2001, 5 min, 16mm/Super 8 on video)
Babbette’s Folly w/ Jeremy Bessoff & Kate Raney (2004, 8 min, video)
Twin Propellers (2010, 3 min, dual-projection Super 8)
Mylar Balloon Rip-off (2007, 3 min, Super 8)
Shoot Out the Star (2010, 4 min, Super 8)
War Heb Je Voor Het Gekeken (2004, 8 min, 16mm)
Agnes & Me: a self-portrait (2011, 7 min, 16mm on video)
Marathon Day ’08 (work-in-progress, 12 min, Super 8 on video)
I Colonize the Golden Triangle (from behind glass) (work-in-progress, 7 min, Super 8 on video)

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