Moving Image Work by Asian-American Women of SAIC

No Distance

Saturday, September 20, 2008

“No Distance” is a screening of short films and animations by young female Asian filmmakers who are alumni and students of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Rather than attempting to blanketly represent Asian women, the pieces explore the filmmakers’ common tonalities of solitude and uneasiness through different mediums and content. Through diverse works and characters, the artists are inviting the audiences into their inner minds presented in moving image. Curated by Angela Kim, Emily Wang, Yating Hsu, Jaling Hsu, Yoonah Nam, and Seungwon Lee.

ID by Yoonah Nam (4:10, Experimental Stop-Motion Animation)
THE DOUBLE HAPPINESS by Emily Tzuhan Wang (5:45, Experimental Narrative)
THE BOOK by Doyeon Angela Kim (8:30, Experimental Narrative)
IN THE FOREST by Yoonah Nam (3:00, Experimental Stop-Motion Animation)
BEST WISHES by Ko Kaleng (10:30, Experimental Narrative)
TEAR BRICK by Seungwon Lee (6:00, Experimental Stop-Motion Animation)
NOWHERE ISLAND by Yating Hsu (25:00, Short Narrative)

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