A Fragmented Musical Narrative
Presented by Vintage Theater Collective

The Nightingale Cinema, 1084 N. Milwaukee
November 2nd-4th, 2012

Three different casts present an intimate production of Strindberg’s classic in found spaces throughout Chicago. During a Midsummer festival on her father’s estate, Julie’s childish flirtations with a charming servant, Jean, escalate to malevolent temptation and violent seduction. Confronted with her vain struggle for power, Julie begins to scratch at the surface of her own sanity while Jean dreams of abandoning his fiance, Kristin, and escaping the prison of his class. All three people must fight with claws drawn if they are to survive the evening and escape the chopping block or the end of a razor blade. The one of a kind event will be performed in different spaces by a different cast each weekend, alongside live music, food and drink.

Miss Julie featured the talents of Eleanor Caudill, Poppy Golland, Danny Junod, Megan Kohl, Cassidy Mason, Laura McClain, Erin O’Connor, Brad Smith, Scot West. It was directed by Jason Economus and Katy Carolina Collins. The NIGHTINGALE’s production included video intervention created by Christy LeMaster.

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