Personal Ethnographies of Ross Lipman

Ross Lipman, Photo by Jennie Warren

Ross Lipman, Photo by Jennie Warren

Sunday, September 15 at 8pm, $7-10

Filmmaker/restorationist Ross Lipman presents this rotating assemblage of ultra-short personal ethnographies both homemade and collected:  video essays, cine-poems, and fragments stitched together in the fabric of an evening.  The works–ranging in length from several seconds to several minutes–include intimate glimpses of a range of prominent figures in the LA underground and international film communities.  Included are portraits of or by Shirley and Wendy Clarke, Bruce Baillie, amateur film maverick Sid Laverents,  Anthology Film Archives’ Andrew Lampert and Jonas Mekas, and the cast of Charles Burnett’s Killer of Sheep.  Also in the mix are eccentric documents of performances and events by Monotrona, the Center for Land Use Interpretation, Nora Keyes, the LA sub-Cacophony Society, and the Here and Now.  Together, these “macro-miniatures” comprise an ethnography that’s both ecstatic and meditative; at once coolly detached and extremely personal.


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