Looking at Live Sharks in a Tank

Screen Based Work by SAIC Shapeshifters


Saturday, December 7th at 7:00 pm, $5-10

Shapeshifters work within an interdisciplinary framework to rearticulate an initial concept through two iterations, rethinking, reimagining and adapting their initial idea to fit the different contexts. With each reconfiguration, the students consider the history and specificity of the medium used in order to question, challenge and blur these boundaries. Together, students program, organize and promote the events. The first event took place at 6018 NORTH on October 26 and the second event takes place at The Nightingale on December 07. The Shapeshifters graduate seminar was developed and taught by Frédéric Moffet at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

Works by:
Murat Adash
Hyunji Kang
Stephen Kwok
Bert Marckwardt
Alyssa Moxley
Mitsu Salmon
Patrick John Segura
Christine Shallenberg
Sanaz Sohrabi
Daniel Spangler
Samuel Adam Swope
Amanda Vanvalkenburg
Oriana Weich
WEI Hsinyen
Fabienne Zuijdwijk

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