Films by Nicky Hamlyn


March 27th, 2010

White Light Cinema & The Nightingale are honored to welcome U.K. filmmaker, artist, and author Nicky Hamlyn, who will present a selection of his stunning 16mm films from the past two decades.

Hamlyn is frequently referred to as a Structuralist filmmaker, and he certainly is a minimalist one in the form and construction of his films. But, unlike most “structuralists” he is equally concerned with light and color and texture. His work seems a melding of the Structuralist strain the avant-garde film with the lyrical one, to great effect.

Simple in concept, frequently he films room interiors or buildings, his films are at the same time visually rich and striking in their detail. He has the eye of a painter, but he also has a sophisticated understanding of the power of cinema and his camera work and editing are as delicate and resonant as his images.

“Hamlyn’s mostly silent films are concentrated, focused on the relationship between camera and place, maker and materials. Subtle shifts in focus, single-frame sequences, or time-lapse photography alter perception of a tree, a wall, a garden trellis, a shadow, or a reflection. Space is alternately flattened and expanded. The gap in a fence, the opening between two sheets hanging on a laundry line re-frame the outdoors, and nature in close-up becomes abstract and intensely colored, surprising us with its patterns, variability, and the sheer beauty of the mundane.” (Excerpt from Program Notes, LIFT, Toronto, Canada)

MINUTIAE (1990, 1 min, color, sound, 16mm)
HOLE (1992, 2 mins, color, silent, 16mm)
MATRIX (1999, 7 mins., color, silent, 16mm)
LUX ET UMBRA (1999, 2 mins., B&W, silent, 16mm)
NOT RESTING (1999, 4 mins., B&W, silent, 16mm)
PENUMBRA (2003, 9 mins., B&W, silent, 16mm)
TRANSIT OF VENUS (2005, 2 mins., B&W, silent, 16mm)
OBJECT STUDIES (2005, 16 mins., color, silent, 16mm)
PISTRINO (2003, 9 mins., B&W, silent, 16mm)
PANNI (2005, 3 mins., color, silent, 16mm)
QUARTET (2007, 8 mins., color and B&W, silent, 16mm)
PRO AGRI (2008, 3 mins., color, silent, 16mm)
WATER WATER (2004, 11 mins., color and B&W, silent, 16mm)

Nicky Hamlyn studied Fine Art at the University of Reading. From 1979 to 1981 he was a workshop organizer at the London Filmmakers’ Co-op, where he was also a founder and regular contributor to the Co-op’s magazine Undercut. In 2003 he published the book Film Art Phenomena and has contributed to a variety of magazines, anthologies, and exhibition catalogs. He currently teaches at the University for the Creative Arts. Hamlyn is one of the key U.K. experimental filmmakers of the last 30 years. He has screened throughout the world and has over 40 films, videos, and installations to his credit.

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