Let’s Play: an evening of artists’
playthroughs of videogames!

liberty city still

Thursday, April 25th at 8:00pm

In 2004, Canadian author, filmmaker, and game designer Jim Munroe
published “My Visit to Liberty City,” a fictive travelogue set in
Rockstar Games’ “Grand Theft Auto III,” strolling through the seedy
intersection of JODI’s experimental machinima, Chris Marker’s
imaginary tourism, and Mary Flanagan’s critical play. Since then,
we’ve seen an explosion of the “Let’s Play” form on YouTube: videos
from the fanboy-to-media-historian spectrum recording themselves
playing through classic and contemporary games, always adding their
own commentary.

We’re thrilled to have Jim Munroe in person at this Nightingale event,
where he and several other artists will walk us through the videogames
they love/hate/love-to-hate, applying their own critical &/or
expressive frames, revealing ghosts in the original games that may
have been curiously buried, or eliciting ghosts not even present to
begin with.

Screenings and performances by:

Alfredo Salazar-Caro
Blanche Vivian Villarouge
Bruno de Figueiredo
Daphny Drucilla Delight David
Jim Munroe
Jon Satrom
Kevin Carey
Liz Ryerson
Robert Yang

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