Directed by Will Goss


The Nightingale Cinema, 1084 N. Milwaukee
February 10th, 2012

Over the last four years, Chicago/Mississippi videomaker, musician, and writer Will Goss has been at work on an experimental narrative series titled “Magenta’s Caress.” These videos playfully critique the sitcom form and its representations of the family. The dialogue is archly surreal and absurdity is more privileged than plot. Complimenting the language is an outrageous visual style. The aesthetic is child-like and seeks to disorder sensations. Land, a stand-alone work, is the 5th installment of the MC series. It is a Faustian story about a farmer who sells his soul to the devil at the historic Crossroads in Clarksdale, Mississippi. Down-and-out farmer, Kenneth Magazine, sells his soul in exchange for power over the weather. He uses this power to expand his farm at the expense of the community. Land is a loving portrait of the filmmaker’s hometown and a cosmic battle of elemental human desire. It is a celebration of the marriage of language and love, whose union transforms perception.
Program Details:
LAND directed by Will Goss
(2011, 55 mins., HDV, color, US)

WILL GOSS (b. 1983, Clarksdale, MS) is a media artist, photographer, writer, musician, and educator residing in Chicago, IL. In 2011, he earned his MFA from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago with a focus in film/video. Trained in English literature and film studies, Will began making movies in 2005. The movies draw on his knowledge and deep love of language and the cinematic arts. The works have screened in festivals and venues including the Gene Siskel Film Center, LVL3 Gallery in Chicago, Cine Theater in Athens, GA, the Lyric Theater in Oxford, MS, Midnight Movies Festival in Frankfurt, Germany. As a photographer, Will participated in a China/Chicago cultural exchange, sponsored by the Hubei Television Network and China Mobile. He took pictures of historic sites connected with the 1911 revolutions, and the photographs are to be displayed in galleries in Chicago, IL and Wu Han, China. Will currently works at the Temple of Kriya Yoga and teaches video production at the Prak-sis Gallery.

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