In Conversation with Nick Lalla
Presented by Uni-Press.us


The Nightingale Cinema, 1084 N. Milwaukee
July 31st, 2012

Visiting artist Kari Altmann will give a brief overview of some of her projects, followed by a Q&A with moderator Nick Lalla, who has been involved in her project, R-U-In?S.

Kari Altmann is a wi-fi based artist who received a BFA from the Maryland Institute College of Art. She exhibits in a range of platforms and formats, from “print to real life” gallery showrooms and stages to filesharing cloud communes, 3D simulated spaces like Chrystal Gallery at Gentili Apri, and editorial platforms like DIS Magazine. Recent presentations include Global Art Forum Six at Art Dubai 2012 in collaboration with Ayshay (Fatima Al Qadiri), Motion at Seventeen Gallery in London, and Collect the WWWorld at House for Electronic Arts in Basel. She is the founder of R-U-In?S, a research network that leverages communal, corporate, fetish, and archeological methods across the fields of art, knowledge management, and the online image/object exchange. This project, like much of her work, moves fluidly between material instances, identities, and contexts, and calls upon its larger community of content in every iteration of its display. Her own personal website acts as a meta archive of different idents, as well as her individual works which are subject to constant mutation and editing. Much of her output winds up outsourced and translated by the global cloud into new forms which she then reaggregates into the project. Because the web is such a primary location for her activity, she is also largely reliant on galleries as sites of production instead of mere display, and much of the content on her site is not translated to showroom format until called upon–often existing as prototypes or collections of raw information.

Nick Lalla received his BA in Political Philosophy from The New School for Social Research, and an MA in Anthropology from University of Chicago. He works with RHEI, a research studio that leverages contemporary art methodologies across other fields, including the corporate sector. He maintains a visual research identity named Econimish on the blogging platform Tumblr which is how he became aware of Altmann’s work and involved in the R-U-In?S network.

Uni-Press.us is a platform dedicated to investigating and re-examining contemporary forms of creative publishing, distribution and cultural production. They are anticipating several inaugural publications within the year, including a web and printed project by Altmann entitled “World Expose” to be released this summer.

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