Beguiled Cinema presents

perm vacay from net

Wednesday, January 7th at 7:00 pm, $7-10

Jim Jarmusch started making Permanent Vacation during his senior year at NYU; it was intended to be his thesis short. During production, however, Jarmusch dropped out of school and decided to expand the film into a feature—thus beginning one of the great filmographies in American independent cinema. The movie trades in subjects that appear in all of Jarmusch’s features, among them wasting time, urban life, industrial decay, and the legacy of classic art. Protagonist Aloysius Parker is “the prototype for many of Jarmusch’s subsequent loner heroes,” write the programmers at the Film Society of the Lincoln Center, “he loafs aimlessly around his scuzzy apartment and crumbling New York streets reading French poetry, flirting with cute girls at Nicholas Ray screenings, stealing cars and obsessing over his half-punk, half-dandy image. For all its youthful self-seriousness (or maybe in part because of it), Permanent Vacation is a touching vision of what it was like to be head over heels with art, love, and oneself in late-1970s New York.”

Also screening is The High Sign, which Jarmusch included in a shorts program he curated for the Cinematexas International Short Film & Video Festival in 2000. Starring and co-directed by Buster Keaton (one of Jarmusch’s favorite filmmakers), this finds the Great Stone Face getting into trouble after he’s mistaken for a sharp-shooter. Might this have been an influence on Dead Man?

Program Details:

Permanent Vacation (Jim Jarmusch, 1980, 75min) on 16mm!!

preceded by

The High Sign (Buster Keaton & Edward Cline, 1921, 20 min)


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