The Work of Darrin Martin
Darrin Martin in person!


March 27th, 2009

Darrin Martin’s videotapes, sculptures and installations metaphorically explore the distance between common and scientific knowledge and investigate the intersection between speculative fiction and autobiography. His latest trilogy of experimental short videos examines the relationship between interiority and exteriority through subjects of hearing loss and tinnitus, a constant ringing in one’s head. He also has an ongoing collaboration with Torsten Zenas creating artworks about re-imagined educational programs that tap into subjects as diverse as psychology, polygamy and the occult.

He studied video with Peter Bode at The School of Art and Design, Alfred University receiving his BFA in 1992 and digital media with Lev Manovich at UC San Diego, MFA 2000. His videos and performances have been exhibited internationally at museums and festivals, including the DIA Center for the Arts, Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Arts, Pacific Film Archives, The European Media Arts festivals in Germany and the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

THE KNOCKING (2001/07, 15 minutes, video)
VOLCANICA (2004, 9:30 minutes, video)
MONOGRAPH IN STEREO (2004/5, 17:20 minutes, video)
LEARNING STALLS, LESSON PLANS Collaboration with Torsten Zenas Burns, excerpt (variable times, video)
EVERY (Movie, Sound, Image, Text) on my cell phone (2008, 8 minutes, video)
WHAT IF? Collaboration with Torsten Zenas Burns (2009, 15ish minutes, video)
FRAGMENTS work in progress (2009, 8ish minutes, video)

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