A Fragmented Musical Narrative
Presented as part of GATEWAY DRUGS
Opening Set by Marvin Tate

Saturday, November 10 at 7pm, $7-10

GANZFELD is a musical drama, scored by former Wilco member and Grammy Award winner, LeRoy Bach, sung by local musicians Azita and Marvin Tate; shot on location in the Bitterroot Mountains of Montana and downtown Chicago.

It is a movie about the inarticulate and complex minutia of relationships. Amelia and Jeff are a young married couple living in Chicago. Jeff is enjoying success in his professional life, and he is excited by the chance to elevate his status in the world and settle into a certain lifestyle. Amelia is the polar opposite. In spite of her well-worn efforts, she cannot find happiness in the same manner as her husband. To complicate matters, their love is real. As the tension of the relationship elevates, her breaking point comes nearer. She struggles to find a job that she enjoys, and she has a hard time reconciling her existence with that which is expected from her. She is clearly gifted, but her talents go unseen until they bubble to the surface, facilitating a radical change.

GANZFELD is an ethereal examination of a symbolic life. The fragmented narrative is punctuated by live musical performances. Although the band never appears in the story otherwise, their function is that of the oblique narrator, expressing the esoteric intricacies of the couple’s complicated situation.

Program Details:
GANZFELD (2012, 76 min, DV)

Collaborator Bios:
Jeff Harms is a multi-disciplined art maker, involved in sculpture, film, music and performance. Ganzfeld is his third feature film working as producer and actor.

Daniel Mejia is the head of Hundred Leaf Media in Chicago. He filmed the features Pitch & Tone and A Thing as Big as the Ocean. He shot and edited Ganzfeld.

Brian Torrey Scott has directed dozens of works for stage and screen, most recently the films Hierophant, Isthmus and The Objects of Living. He is now pursuing his PhD in Theatre and Performance Studies at Brown University.

Originally from Pittsburgh, PA, Amelia Lorenz now lives and works in Chicago. She has played numerous roles for stage and screen, most recently with SiNNERMAN theatre company and EffectiveArts. She is a co-founder of the Hesed Community Co-op, and intentional community in Chicago’s Little Village.

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