Presentation Performances by Chris Sullivan and Jim Trainor


October 23rd, 2010

Realizing they had both ventured into the world of performative projection to alleviate the meticulous nature of animating; these two animators thought it might be interesting to put these works together.

Jim will narrate a slide-show version of one of the stories from his long, sprawling, uncompleted and probably-now-abandoned comic-strip project SUN SHAMES HEADHUNTING MOON, an adaptation of the tribal myths of a New Guinea headhunting culture called the Marind-anim, as collected in a terrific and forgotten 1966 anthropology book called DEMA by Jan van Baal.

JIM TRAINOR was born in Philadelphia in 1961. He made his first animated film in 1974. His films include THE FETISHIST, THE BATS, THE MOSCHOPS, HARMONY and THE PRESENTATION THEME. In the early 2000’s he branched into comic strips, which he posted onĀ http://www.sunshamesheadhuntingmoon.com/. He is proud of his comics, all of which were inspired by a forgotten anthropology book called DEMA by Jan van Baal, but never felt fully comfortable with the form, and now has slinked back to the relative security of filmmaking. Watch for his epic work about the evolution of wasps – THE PINK EGG – to be completed ca. 2015.

In this live performance work, Chris will be Channeling the psychic consciousness of missing Psychotherapist Daphne Richards. He will present to the best of his abilities the breakthrough psychotherapeutic methods of this often misunderstood psychiatrist. He will be Assisted by 200 excavated images, a small articulated puppet, and your understanding and compassion.

CHRIS SULLIVAN is a filmmaker, and performance artist who has been creating his odd work for 30 years, and living in Chicago for 20. He has shown his work in festivals, theaters and museums all over the Country and in Europe including The Ottawa Animation festival, Ann Arbor Film Festival, The Museum of Modern Art NY, and the Los Angeles Animation Celebration. He has also presented performances at The Walker Art Center, Cleveland Performance Festival, Franklin Furnace, Rhino Fest, and Open Eye Figure Theater in Minneapolis. He has been awarded grants and fellowships from The John Simon Guggenheim Foundation, the Rockefeller Media Arts Fellowship, The Bush Foundation, and the Illinois arts Council, and was featured in the Whitney Biennial. He teaches Animation and Film at The School of The Art Institute of Chicago. Most recently he is finishing up a feature length animation called Consuming Spirits, to be finished in winter 2010.

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