Group Show One
Presented by the Onion City Film Festival


June 18th, 2009


THE SCENIC ROUTE by Ken Jacobs (2008, 25 mins., video, US)
“A work of genuine hypnosis. Ken Jacobs tears open a scene from the film The Barbarian (1933). Like so many of his found-footage experiments, it is a movie about the shadows people leave behind – here, quite literally.” (International Film Festival Rotterdam)

DISTANT THINGS by Katy Woods (2006, 10 mins., video, UK)
“Woods animates micro film by standing a video camera in front of the monitor and speedily flicking through thousands of images. She then pauses for a few seconds resting on an image she likes the look of. Woods has an eye for a satisfying image. She loves a bird. Images of birds are paused at frequently. In a world saturated with visual images how does one make a choice? Ones own intuition seems as successful as any.” (Olsen)

BERNADETTE by Duncan Campbell(2008, 37 mins., video, UK)
“When the Northern Irish Republican political activist Bernadette Devlin was prohibited from speaking in parliament after Bloody Sunday, she punched the home secretary and proclaimed she only regretted she ‘didn’t get him by the throat.’ The firebrand Devlin is obviously hard to historically pin down: a fact that the video artist Duncan Campbell here fully recognises in his celebration of her political spirit. Working with mediated images of her, he mixes fact and fiction, documentary footage with animation and scripted voiceover to create an intriguing portrait of a committed individual.” (LUX)

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