The 2018 Annual Report

Friday March 16th
Doors 7:00, Show 7:30
Suggested donation $7-10

A program of short films made by members of Group 312 Films.


Angela Branstrom
My Own Coup (4:00)
An expression of the overwhelming thought patterns experienced during pregnancy loss

Eric Branstrom 
Josephine (5:23)

Brian Klein
nwz (2:08)
Corroding brick and evocative soundscape create a haunting atmosphere.

Dave Purdie
Camera on a Ceiling Fan (3:20)

Dave Purdie Chatter (3:48)
The director once again explores the relationship of camera to object and object to camera. This time, through the contemplative ritual that should be familiar to all of us by now.

Joe Hahn
Morning (6:09)
A brief demonstration utilizing both old and new technologies which innovates upon the common breakfast to conserve time within our short and complicated lives.

Anna Munzesheimer
The Theater of Food (4:32)

Evan Senger
Secret Creatures (5:46)
Hard boiled P. I. Jack Fincher settles a score to end all cases with his comedically dry bumblings.

Emily Tolan
Oh La La* (2:12)
For the theme of “Oh la la,” this film shows how we can be trapped by our own ideals. There is a physical beauty but we never see the dreamers or even when someone is trapped or drowned by all the pressure.

Emily Tolan
Loss of Beauty* (2:00)
For the theme of “Threshold” it takes the extremes of all the five senses to the point that we cannot be them anymore.

Marian Oliver
Secret Creatures (2:59)
Steve Wood
Shortwave Candle* (1:10)
A one-minute meditation, using a candle as it’s focus, and the WWV government time signal as it’s mantra.

Chuck Przybyl
The Unnoticed* (2:19)
Those that go unnoticed may also be real. As the idea for this film solidified in my mind I couldn’t help but draw comparisons to the unnoticed homeless populations of cities, something that had not been on my mind for some time. Homelessness is an epic issue with multiple views on all sides and no clear-cut answers. When I was doing a lot of street photography in the past I would not photograph the homeless, mostly to avoid exploiting them for artistic purposes. It seems that with growing numbers of homeless around the world and issues like housing shortages, sky-high rent, record incarceration rates, and phased out mental health facilities – this issue should be revisited by all. No matter what your feelings on the issue I think it is safe to say that many people ignore the homeless and therefore ignore the broader problem of homelessness.

Chuck Przybyl
Nuclear Winter (3:03)
This short film by Chuck Przybyl unravels a post apocalyptic search to quench thirst. Experimental Narrative and great use of 4K GoPro. This was created for the monthly film meetup Group 312 Fallout theme.

Joseph Nilson
Skim (1:21)

Chris Mann
Something Wondrous (4:20)
The elusive nature of genius and the quest for creative expression are the inspiration for a narrative that is truly – something wondrous.

Richard Syska Desire (4:34)
Using a variety of appropriated archival materials, TV commercials and vintage print ads the video suggests the impact commercial imagery has upon self-image -Desire…

Richard Syska
When Worlds Collide (3:12)

Kevin B. Chatham
The Rules of the Game* (6:02)

Kevin B. Chatham
Chamber (4:16)
A deconstruction of the horror film trope of a woman, alone in a room, terrorized. Except in this case, the attacker is the film medium itself. As she breaks down, so does the imagery.

About Group 312: Group 312 films was founded in
2001 as a group of Chicago-based directors, actors and artists who explore the creation of monthly themed videos with a mission to learn, inspire, and find motivation with each other through the collective environment. This screening continues the tradition of previous years’ programs highlighting the broad range of original ideas created as a result of the monthly topics selected. The videos selected for screening at this Comfort Station event represent a selection of videos that are; narrative, abstract, simple, elegant, humorous, smart or stylish reflecting the variety of artistic visions that represent the individual perspectives of the various directors. This presentation features a selection of highlighted shorts made in 2017. Group 312 Films is currently looking to expand our membership and encourages film makers of all skill levels who might be interested in joining our group to attend.

Programmed by Raul Benitez

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