New and Rare Films by Luther Price



September 17th, 2011

For more than twenty-five years, Boston-area filmmaker, Luther Price, has been creating a raw and visceral body of work that challenges, infuriates, shocks, fascinates, and, sometimes, soothes viewers who have think they’ve seen it all.

His is a gritty cinema: initially made in the intimate Super-8 format and now mostly in 16mm. It is a handcrafted cinema, with dozens of splices (which seem to want to fly apart at any moment), decayed and distressed footage (buried in the ground), and hand-painted frames (which shed a fine dust when projected).

His is a scrappy cinema, which is mostly composed from found science, educational, porn, and other orphan films. Images are cobbled together between generous sections of leader and sound slug.

His is a fuck-you cinema, which plunges head first into uncomfortable sexual imagery, discomforting medical footage, heartbreaking tales of loneliness and isolation, and a disdain for social mores.

His is also a deeply moving, intimate, revelatory, soul-searching, and profound cinema, that often passes through the darkest dark to find some light, however faint.

It is a cinema of catharsis.

Program details are still in flux, but the screening will feature work that has never shown in Chicago before (and some that has never shown anywhere). It will be comprised mostly of brand new work, but may also include a few extremely rare earlier films.

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