Our Annual Seasonal Potluck


November 20th, 2011

Please feel invited to our 4th annual seasonal potluck. Friendsgiving is when we all gather together, eat too much, and film the trailer for The NIGHTINGALE’s next season. On board this year is a trampoline, some slow motion 16mm, and some bright colors. Wear you fancy duds, cheer shorts, dangly earrings, and long hair. Please bring a dish to share. There will be vegan and omnivore main courses.

Just a few notes on our upcoming shoot/party.
1.There will be a specific shoot time. From 4pm-5pm we will be getting your pretty faces on film and there is quick bit of instruction and people ordering to do ahead of time so to make sure you are included please arrive no later than 4 pm!

2. It is going to look the best if you guys wear solid colors or patterns that are monochromatic enough to represent mainly a solid color. And we are hoping for a variety of colors- Bold, Bright, Try to avoid white or neutral tones. Some folks wearing black/gray will be okay but if you have the big colors wear em! And we have decided it is not as important to be fancy as it is to be colorful.

I am so grateful for all of you. This place is just a dark room without you guys. Thanks for supporting Chicago Cinema.

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