Documentary by Daniel Skaggs
Filmmaker in Person!

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Wednesday, April 9 at 7pm, $7-10


Just as the original hobos of the early 20th century were scorned by the mainstream of society, so too are today’s train riders. FREELOAD (2013, 65 min)  is a dive into a beggar’s existence. It’s a ride through America’s backyard. It is a musical endeavor that feels like a drama. It is a sociological examination of the ignored.

Filmmaker Daniel Skaggs, a veteran train hopper himself,  spent over a year riding the rails with a video camera to capture the complex and varied lives of the modern day riders. Sometimes sweet and often difficult, the (primarily) men in FREELOAD allowed Skaggs unfettered access into their lives, and honest, direct accounts of both why and how they live on the outskirts of American society.

Watch the trailer here.

(2013, 66 min)

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