L.A. Underground Double Featurette
Presented by Hopscotch Cinema


The Nightingale Cinema, 1084 N. Milwaukee
February 17th, 2013

Hopscotch Cinema will be present a double-featurette of Los Angeles set and produced films. While divergent in tone, they share a restless headlong approach to their narratives and a wild visual experimentation.

Program Details:
FOXFUR by Damon Packard (2012, video, 61 minutes)
“A sweet, fragile, mentally unbalanced girl obsessed with crystals, dolphins and UFOs becomes increasingly disillusioned with the realm of the New Age. In particular her obsession with the Billy Meier Plieadians. A mind whirling journey through the realm of the dead zone. 400 Light Years in the Making.” -Damon Packard

“The main objective of the films of Damon Packard seems to be to induce a nervous breakdown in the viewer. The chaotic rush of plot, the flashing special effects, the densely layered sound design, the complete abandonment of logical cohesion add up to provide a literal experience of the old hyperbolic catchphrase ‘senses-shattering’!” -Mike Everleth

CREOSOTE by Eric Saks (1997, video, 42m)
“In infernal black and white and spooky multiple exposure, it recounts a fractured narrative as creepy as any of the millennial visions found in Don DeLillo’s Underworld.” -Jonathan Rosenbaum

“In the latest of Eric Saks’s unique collage animations, a young boy lost on a Boy Scout outing in the desert re-emerges in Los Angeles as a young adult. The story, told in both voice-over and via titles, merges the true incident of a tragic disappearance with a spiritual odyssey of St.Francis. Something between a drifter’s tale and a hallucination, referencing puppetry techniques and religious pamphlets, the haunting Creosote seeks to accept visions as real and meaningful.” (Saks) -Kathy Geritz

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