Five Videomakers from Mexico City


The Nightingale Cinema, 1084 N. Milwaukee
Friday, August 19th, 7:30 pm, $7-10

Fire After the Sun
presents the work of five videomakers from Mexico City addressing the legacy of delusionment/disillusionment after history, anecdotes around collective catastrophes, and deconstructions of national symbols.

The program creates a  dialogue between the antagonistic perspectives and conceptual coincidences between the different works. Originally they were all created as video installations. Thus they challenge the mono channel projection by creating non-linear narratives, departing from fiction and nonfiction film strategies through selected media archeologies and techniques.


Program Details

Isaac Torres

“Todo se derrumbó” Mini DV (05:17)

“La Marcha” Mini DV (11:11)

Amanda Gutierrez 

“Fallas de Tlatelolco” Mini DV, VHS and HD (3:17)

“Arqueología mediática” Mini DV, VHS and HD (8:00)

“Complot Mongol” HD video (00: 48)

Screen Shot 2016-08-02 at 10.11.06 PM

Paola De Anda

“Fogata del disturbio”  HD video(5:25)

Federico Martinez

“Forjar Dinero” HD video (1:35)

Adela Goldbard

“Enter the Dragon”  HD video(0:45)

“CoCa Cola Chrismas Tree” HD video (1:57)

“Microbus”  HD video(4:38)

“Oxxo”  HD video(2:57)


Amanda Gutierrez (Mexico City, 1978) she completed her graduate studies at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago specializing in performance and new media. In Mexico she did her undergraduate studies in Stage Design at the INBA ENAT. For twelve years, she has worked in the field of performance and sound art, fusing the two disciplines in installation projects. Her Among the video series includeis “A Bbrief Hhistory of Ffictions”, which consists of four projects, performed under the same methodology and work strategies from documentary and performance. This series has won two awards: The Fellowship Competition 2007 and CAAP 2008, and it was a nominee for Artadia Art Chicago 2009. In 2011, she developed the video series “Topographies of Time,” supported by the Program Development and Cultural Conversions FONCA 2011 in Mexico City. This series has been exhibited internationally in museums, and contemporary art galleries, such as The Windor Gallery in Madrid, Spain, Khiasma Gallery in Paris, France, Move Forward Festival in Halle, Germany, Liverpool Art Biennale 2012 in the UK, Ex Teresa Arte Actual in Mexico City, Mexico, and Action Art Actuelle in Montreal, Canada. Most recently, she is a recipient of the National System of Art Creators grant/fellowship from Mexico. Gutiérrez is currently developing her most recent residency project at the Bolit Contemporary Art Center in Girona, Spain.



Federico Martínez Montoya was part of the 1st generation of the full study program at SOMA and currently is studying a master in visual arts at ENAP-UNAM. His works has gained international attention through shows like Eject II Festival Internacional de Video performance (Mexico City, 2008), Art in Odd Places 2012: MODEL (New York, 2012), PROYECTOR, Festival Internacional de Videoarte. (Madrid, 2013), Demasiado Futuro, Centro Cultural España, (Mexico City, 2013), Poppositions: “What is the burgling of a bank compared to the founding of a new bank?” (Brussels, 2014), Sur / NOUVELLES NARRATIVES. Festival d’Art Contemporain FCA ’14 (Fernelmont, 2014), Reverberations (Cali Colombia, 2015) and It’s Money Jim, but not as we know it. (Vienna curated_by 2015). He lives and works in Mexico City.


Adela Goldbard (Mexico City, 1979) has a BA in Hispanic Language and Literature (UNAM) and numerous studies in Photography (Escuela Activa and Centro de la Imagen, Mexico City). She is currently enrolled in the MFA in Studio at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago where she was awarded the New Artist Society Scholarship. She is part of the National System of Artistic Creators from the National Fund for Culture and Arts (Fonca, Mexico) since 2015. She was awarded the Centanario Prize at Zona MACO 2012, and the Acquisition Prize at the VII Biennial Monterrey FEMSA 2007. She has received the Young Creators Grant (Fonca, Mexico) twice: 2013-14 and 2005-06, The Tierney Fellowship in 2008, and the Promotion and Joint Investment Program funding (Fonca), also twice: 2010 and 2014.

Her work has been exhibited in Germany, Russia, Holland, Philippines, Hungary, Spain, Argentina, Canada, USA, and widely in Mexico. Her recent commissions include the video installation El Sacrificio (La ciudad de las montañas, Monterrey, 2015), the sculpture Prototype for an Upcoming Disaster (No Longer Extant, SD, 2015) and the public action Helicopterazo (Visible Invisibilización, Qro., 2013). She is currently working on the design of a sculpture for a commission for the Pomona College Art Museum, Claremont, California, for the show “Prometheus 1930/2017”. Her recent solo shows include: Casa del Lago (2015), Enrique Guerrero Gallery (2014), Diagrama Gallery (2014), Polyforum Siqueiros (2013), Aguascalientes’ Museum of Contemporary Art (2013), Museum of Querétaro (2012), Arocena Museum (2011), Museum of Contemporary Art of SLP (2011), Sinaloa’s Museum of Art (2011). She lives and works in Chicago and Mexico City.


Isaac Torres (Mexico City, 1982) holds a Master degree in Urbanism from UNAM. A degree in Social Communication and Media production from UAM and a Bachelor’s degree in Art & Humanities for the National Institute of Fine Arts. He has award with the Kunstiftung Baden- Württemberg guest artist residence (Stuttgart, 2012)  the Kunstlerhauser Worpswede Residence (Niedersachsen, 2009) and the MACG-Bancomer Foundation Contemporary Art Program (Mexico, 2010), as well the Young Creators Program in Visual Arts from the National Council of Arts (México) in two occasions. His solo exhibition includes Track and Memory: Projects about Mexico City (MUCA Roma, Mexico, 2013), Mantras for an Insurrection (SAPS, Mexico, 2013) and Exchange Value – Gegenwert (Alexandra Saheb Gallery, Berlin, 2010).  His work has selected for the III Moscow International Biennale for Young Art (Museum of Modern Art, Moscow, Russia, 2012) and the Art Program from World Bank El Cambio (Museo de las Américas, Washington DC, USA). He published the monographic art book 7 projects about Mexico City (Like Editorial, Mexico, 2014) and Kopiersklaven? Eine einblick demonstrationsmude generation (Argobooks, Berlín,  2010). He is the editor of El Asunto Urbano, a magazine dedicated to study the relationship in between art, architecture and urbanism.


Paola De Anda (México, 1979) studied Visual Arts in the National School of Painting, Sculpture and Engraving, “La Esmeralda”, in Mexico City, later in the program in contemporary art in soma. She has participated in various collaborative projects, more prominently ROTATORIO (2010), nomad seminar NERIVELA (2008-2012), and the HackerSpace RANCHO ELECTRÓNICO (2013-2015). She is also co-publisher of the magazine CALCA, an editorial project about drawing (2003-2005), was awarded with the FONCA’s Young Artists grant (in the periods 2004-2005, 2007-2008) and with the IAAB residence at the Christof Merian Foundation, in Basel, Switzerland (2006). She has participated in different collective and individual exhibitions: Correo domestico (Prague-Uruguay, 2004), Los equilibrios de la mano temblorosa (Art&Idea Gallery, Mexico City, 2005); Lamina-Animal (Basel, Switzerland, 2006), San Jerónimo 51 (San Jerónimo 51, Mexico City), Ya con vida (Alterna y Corriente, Mexico City, 2010), AXIS MUNDI (Casa del Lago, UNAM, Mexico City), Demasiado Futuro (Centro Cultural de España, Mexico City, 2013). She lives and works in Mexico City.


Videos curated  by Amanda Gutierrez and programmed by Raul Benitez.

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