New Curators’ Fest (PART TWO)

Sunday, December 7, 2008

a very blank space in a frame
The Web of Cokaygne; Candle and Bell
Curated by Dain Oh

THE WEB OF COKAYGNE; CANDLE AND BELL is a screening of various web-based moving images curated by Dain Oh. This program investigates the production, distribution and cultural stigma that is held uniquely by different web-based medium including open source data bases, cliparts and animated GIFs. By placing them in relation to the history of the moving image as a new form of expression, they are brought to the table as their own distinctive language tools as well as borrowing some from previous mediums of revolution such as photo, film, video etc.

Program Details:
][]P3||.|=r@//3.//()r|<][ (aka 0P3NFR4M3W0RK aka open frame work) initiated by Jon Satrom (2006)

787 CLIPARTS by Oliver Laric (2006)

GIF ANIATION SCREENING, a curatorial experiment by Dain Oh (2008) Including the works of artists: Petra Cortright, Olia Lialina, Guthrie Lonergan, Tom Moody, Jon Satrom and Paul Slocum.


a bagel and 2 sausages

Stuffed: An exploration of food and sexuality
Curated by Holly Foster & Michael Cone

Program Details:
HEY! BABY CHICKEY by Nina Sobell (1978, 7:15, mini-DV)
HARD FAT by Frederic Moffet (2002, 23:00, min-DV)
MEASUREMENTS by Ivy (2004, 3:55, mini-DV)
MEASURING TAPE by Ivy (2008, 2:54, mini-DV)
FEEDERISM FACTS by Ivy (2006, 9:21, mini-DV)
BUTTER BALLS by George Kuchar (2003, 25:00, mini-DV)


a child holding a fish she has caught

Beginner’s Luck
Curated by KEVIN RONN

They say knowledge is power, but they also say power corrupts. This show will consist of young artists spreading their wings for the first time in film, animation, and other things that at the time were alien to them. These films are not the most polished from the artists’ career, but they show the uncorrupted vision they once had.

Including work by Vicky Yen, Emily Wang, Marko Jevtic, & Petrina Chiu.

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