EPIC JOURNEY: New Curator’s Fest (PART ONE)

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Fading out / Fading in: Identities in Transit
Curated by Casey Gibbs & John Lou

fading in...

This program explores aesthetics in contemporary Asian-American video: considerations of identity, family, relationships, transition, adaptation, and mutation.

Program Details:
ANOTHER CLAPPING by Chi Jang Yin (2000, 25:00, mini-DV)
by Valerie Soe
(1992, 12:00, mini-DV)
RGB by Kerry Yang (2007, 4:00, mini-DV)
FOR THE UNSEEN by Chi Jang Yin (2007, 12:00, mini-DV, originally DV)
COUPLE by Hanspeter Ammann (1998, 11:00, mini-DV)

Youthful Perspectives: Obsessions, Obstacles, and Growing Up Pop
Curated by Sasha Samochina & Danielle Kramer


This collection of work explores the experience of growing up engulfed in television and music culture. The imprint is sometimes subliminal, blurring the boundaries of reality in our memories and stories. We identify, communicate, and express with bits of digested media. Advertisements that our young minds have absorbed float in and out as we daydream. Many consciously collect in an attempt to recreate these memories, feeding the longing of nostalgia established by years of media culture exposure. We chose these pieces for their exploration into these media memories, examining how they shape our ideas and identities, helping us discover who we are, and sometimes who we are not.

Program Details:
IDENTITY CRISIS by Mindy Faber (1990, 3:00, mini-DV)
BALLET SUIT by Sasha Samochina (2006, 3:11, mini-DV)
9 MINUTES OF KAUNAUS by Dani Levanthal (6:30, mini-DV)
TRANSITIONAL OBJECTS by Jennifer Montgomery (2000, 18:00, mini-DV)
TARGET by Animal Charm (1999, 8:30, mini-DV)
LULLABY by Jennifer Reeder (2007,18:00, mini-DV)
A LOVE STORY PART 1 & 2 by Kali Heitholt (2007, 3:20, mini-DV)
LIGHT IS WAITING by Michael Robinson (2007, 11:00, mini-DV)

In Passing, In Permanence
Curated by Mirek Choma & Tommy Heffron

blurred green form with the subtitle ARE YOU MARRIED?

By force, by convention, by choice, we isolate the physical, emotional and political variables that sum up our private and social identities. Identities that can be as fleeting as they are immutable. With equal immediacy, the mixture of the recent and the not-so-recent works in this program explore that intangible and often unnerving isolation.

Program Details:
TANGO by Zbigniew Rybczynski (1981, 8:10, 35mm to video)
LAUGHING NO MORE by Mirek Choma (2007, 2:05, video)
SPRINGTIME by Tommy Heffron / Galit Seifan (2008, 2:00, video)
BETWEEN THE SHEETS by Warren Cockerham (2007, 6:30, video)
A REPRESENTATION by George Monteleone (2008, 4:10, Super8 to video)
by Zbigniew Rybczynski
(1976, 10:07, 35mm to video)
PASSION FOR ABOLITION by Snorre Sjonost Henriksen (2008, 8:31, video)
i03-04 by Heidi Neubauer-Winterburn (2008, 10:22, video)
MEDIA by Zbigniew Rybczynski (1980, 1:35, 35mm to video)

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