A Film by Hillary Bachelder

Friday, June 14 at 8:00pm, $5-7

The Nightingale is pleased to present Chicago-area filmmaker Hillary Bachelder’s compelling documentary EMBODIES, with the filmmaker in person. EMBODIES explores ideas about beauty and the human (female) body through its portraits of three diverse individuals: a nude model, a medical examiner, and a roller derby participant/mother.

“EMBODIES does not seek to redefine beauty, but in a series of personal vignettes, dismisses it entirely. We follow a nude model, a medical embalmer, and a roller derby mother of three as each woman wrestles with the challenges that arise through their unique relationships to the human form. Through the eyes of these three Chicago women, we explore the body as an object of art and self-expression, a functional means to an end, and address issues of respect and care for the remains of the recently deceased. While still far from a complete picture of our physical form, EMBODIES seeks to begin the conversation about a holistic and healthy body image in our society.” (HB)

EMBODIES (2013, 38 min, Digital File) Directed by Hillary Bachelder

Hillary Bachelder and selected subjects from the film in person

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