Cuban Experimental Short Films: 1960 to 2016
Presented by the Americas Media Initiative

Thursday, September 7 at 7:30 PM, $7-10

The screening will be introduce by Alex Halkin of the American Media Initiative. Most of these films have never screened in the United States let alone here in Chicago. There will be a Q&A after the program.

Superstición (Superstition)
Director: Bernabé Hernández
Producer: ICAIC
1964, 8:43 min.
A critique of superstitions in Cuba.

Che Comandante, Amigo (Che Commander, Friend)
Director: Bernabé Hernández
Producer: ICAIC
1977, 17 min.
Following the structure of Nicolás Guillén’s poem, demonstrating its relation with reality and a brief biography of Che.

Nos quedamos (We Stay)
Director: Armando Capo
Producer: EICTV
2009. 12 min.
Despite an approaching hurricane, a Cuban family persists in defending their home from an invasion of bees.

Papalotes (Kites)
Director: Ariagna Fajardo
Producer: TV Serrana
2011. 15 min.
People react with frustration to institutional dysfunction. Can a society break free of ingrained patterns and progress?

La Carga (The Load)
Victor Alexis Guerrero
Producer: EICTV
2015, 23:19 min
A look at microcosms of a train that should never stop but actually spends the majority of its time detained. The Load captures the intimate relationship between the workers, and their handling of the different misfortunes that cross their path during their journey.

Americas Media Initiative is the only organization working nationally in the U.S. to bring the work of emerging Cuban filmmakers to diverse venues and audiences – from think tanks in Washington, D.C. to urban farmers in Detroit. In Cuba, AMI is the first U.S. organization ever given permission to tour the provinces with U.S. films.

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