Visual Poetics & Songs About Dogs
Presented by Hopscotch Cinema


October 10, 2010

Laughter is a delicate thing. In cinematic terms, a laugh can be killed by a misplaced edit, a confusing angle, or simply by the gag being delivered too close or too far from the lens. When an artist is able to make a visually compelling piece of cinema, it’s a beautiful thing. When that artist is able to do that AND produce a laugh, it’s a small miracle. This program will be showcasing three artists (Chad Knutson, Neil Ira …Needleman, and William Wegman) who not only make compelling video work, but also know how to use the camera to tell a damn good joke.

Chad Knutson was born in the Northwoods of Minnesota. He attended Columbia College to study cinematography. He moved to Los Angeles but missed his mom. Chad now resides in Minneapolis with his girlfriend, two dogs and two cats. Chad’s work has been screened in the IddyBiddyFilm Festival and the Bridgetown Comedy Festival. He was also the 25th funniest person in the Twin Cities in 2006.

“I was born in Brooklyn, NY, in 1957 and learned filmmaking in the alleys of Brooklyn. Somewhere along the way I got lost in a tunnel that led me into a career in advertising. I have now rededicated myself to tinkering with motion images.” -Neil Ira Needleman

William Wegman is a world famous performance artist, video maker, and photographer.

Titles include:
Chad Knutson: Haterz; I’m Jovial; Up on dem Innanetz; Private Dancer; Bad Romanze; Oscar Buzz; Medium’s Husband; Sex in the City 2 PROFESSIONAL REVIEW; Henry Rollins’s Opener; Saul Simon Says….; The Artist’s Journey; Fancy Dancing

Neil Ira Needleman: Corporate Art Policy; Philadelphia; Identity Theft; Heavy handed. But true; Twilight Timelapse Concert for George Ives; Film Festival Entry

William Wegman: Stick and Tooth; Emperor and Dish; Lucky T-Shirt; Rage and Depression; Speed Reading; Born with No Mouth; Dual Function; Massage Chair; Raise Treat; Man Ray, Do You Want To?; Crooked Finger, Crooked Stick; Deodorant; Bubble Up; Joke Paper; Model Child; What Do You Want?; Paper Meaning; Same Old Shirt; 47 Seconds

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